The best camping gifts

“The camper’s course, bad weather and visitors! P.S. Bad weather still goes…” That was a joke, of course. What would a party be without the appropriate guests? If you too are invited to the party a camper is about to throw, you still have a task ahead of you to master: finding the right gift for the travel-loving host. Wonder if the search for it will be difficult? It may well be. Since we want to prevent a possible nervous breakdown in you, we present to you in this article the best camping gifts – have fun!


Useful camping gifts

There is a little survival artist in every camper. Therefore, he is happy about everything that can be useful in his everyday life as a traveler. So you could give an outdoor adventurer all kinds of camping equipment to make his trip even more fun: sleeping bag, mat, tent, camping furniture, backpack, flashlight, bug spray, Leatherman, Zippo, etc.. Some of it can even be personalized at the manufacturer.


Funny camping gift ideas

Campers are not only sociable people, but real jokers who participate in every nonsense. If you want your gift to put the recipient in a good mood, then you have a variety of options. Camping gift ideas include a toaster in the shape of a camper, an inflatable palm tree beverage cooler, a pineapple air mattress, waterproof Uno cards or a floating beer pong game.


Clothing camping gifts

As a camper, you have to be prepared for any weather situation in terms of clothing. Whether it’s clothes for sun, rain, wind or snow – a traveler must always have everything on board. If you are looking for such a camping gift the fashion trade offers you a huge range of products: straw hats, sunglasses, swimming trunks, bathing slippers, socks, wind and rain jackets. Also popular and a cool camping gift idea, are personalized T-shirts with unique camping sayings or motifs.


Gifts for campers - Everything you should know!

Either you are a camper with heart and soul or not. If you prefer to spend your vacations in a hotel rather than in a caravan, mobile home or tent, then camping is probably not for you. So you might not even know what a true survivalist carries with them when they’re on the road. But even if you’re not a camper, you’ll find the perfect camping gift.

  • Saddle up the chickens, we’re riding…. to the Internet or your local camping supply store. Here you can usually find anything that would make a potential camping gift.
  • Not the quantity, but the quality you must always consider when buying the right souvenir. Durable, useful, original and personalized – that’s how it should be.
  • Want to make your gift search easy? Then ask yourself the following questions: “How special is occasion XY? What is my available budget? How old is the camper? How long and how often does he or she travel? Does person XY have any special requests or preferences? Is there anything the camper needs but may not already have?”
  • Running out of ideas? Don’t despair, ask other people in your social environment or the Internet. After all, you can get tips, tricks, opinions and advice from many sources.
  • Are you a tinkerer? Then don’t waste time, start creating your own camping gift. No matter what talents you have, use them for the perfect present for campers!

1 How to find the right gift for campers

Buying gifts could be so stress-free and easy. (Travel) voucher or money grabbed, packed in an envelope and brought to the celebration. You’ve probably noticed yourself that such a gift is “meaningful” but very impersonal, right? Even if you have no idea what the camper would like to have, you must not ask him about his wishes under any circumstances! This destroys the element of surprise. If necessary, ask other people or, even better, get inspired by our camping gift ideas and follow our gift-buying route planner.

1.1 Budget

Beforehand, you need to do a fact check. Think about it: “How big / special is the occasion for which I need the gift? What does my wallet currently say? What is the maximum amount I want to invest in the camping gift?” No matter what the answers are to the questions you ask yourself, you shouldn’t be completely stingy, of course. However, you are welcome to buy at a reasonable price.

1.2 Favorite country / place

Many campers love to constantly travel to new countries. On the other hand, there are people who go to the same place every year for vacation.  If that camper for whom you need the gift belongs to category 2, then give him a camping gift that has to do with his favorite place. Example Sardinia: a high quality oil made from Sardinian olives; Sospiri al Ciccolato (chocolate confectionery) or aromatic Italian herbs as a spice set. That could be the best camping gift!

1.3 Age

Also ask yourself what the age of the camper is. Is it a child, a teenager, an adult or a retiree? Knowing the age of the person you’re giving the gift to will help you choose your camping gift. For example, a 30-year-old man will have great joy with a Leatherman and some zip ties. A 10-year-old boy, of course, you can not give something like that.


2 The best gift ideas for campers!

Packed lunches
What does the camper do in the wild when he is suddenly chased by a bear, or rather plagued by a bear hunger? Correct: eat. As long as he has enough provisions in his luggage, this is also possible without any problems. It only becomes critical when everything has already been eaten. So that the outdoor hero does not fall from the meat, you could equip him with a food package. It contains everything that tastes good and is suitable for taking along: pies, fish, goulash, ravioli, vegetables and the like from cans; trail mix; muesli bars and other snacks; dried meat, pasta in the form of camper vans and the appropriate sauces.

Sweet provisions
The camper is not only a nature lover but also a candy lover? Then chocolate and wine gum would be great camping gifts. Fortunately, there are, for example, chocolate camper vans; cardboard camper buses filled with all kinds of sweets or fruit gums with various vacation motifs. Also popular are spreads that sweeten any breakfast: jams, honey, nougat creams, nut muses and so on.

Liquids to go
When the camper stretches out all fours on the beach, cool liquids are of course a must. What is meant, however, is not the sea, but beer. With a special brew in hand, the vacationer can immediately start singing the following song: “This is the beer captain, may I please see the beer bellies?” But if the camping friend prefers to enjoy a few fine drops, then send him a high-quality wine. Giving liquor as a gift is also allowed, of course. For a minor or someone who doesn’t like alcohol, you could instead bring a tasty fruit nectar in a handy tetra pack or a couple of energy drinks in a can.


McGyver stuff
A camper likes to be a do-it-yourselfer. So the person you’re giving a gift to is sure to appreciate it if you painted, crafted, assembled, knitted or sewed their camping gift all by yourself. You can find the necessary utensils for your McGyver project online, in drugstores, craft stores or in hardware stores. If you’re short on ideas, here are a few suggestions: a wooden birdhouse in the shape of a caravan; a keychain for the camper; a painted holiday-themed tea light; a self-engraved breakfast board; a take-home seat cushion; or a metal plaque with a motto to hang. In a pinch, you can get inspiration from the Internet.

Reading material
If you don’t have time to read on vacation, when will you? If the camper for whom the gift is intended is not only a hiker but also an avid reader, then give him a gift of a good book. But you’ll need to know which genre the person likes so that you can buy him or her the right one. Another hot tip would be a travel guide in book form, which can accompany the camper on his trip every step of the way.

Baking for backpackers
You can bake? Great. Then use that talent and fire up the oven. After you’ve created a delicious cake or any other pastry, all you have to do is get to decorating. Fondant, sugar and chocolate icing, sprinkles, marzipan, edible paper and food coloring are your best friends here. However, if the whole thing goes down the drain, then off to the pastry chef. He will literally get your camping gift baked.

Camping cooking equipment
If the camper likes to romp around in the kitchen both indoors and outdoors, then open fire for cooking camping gifts. You could give great pleasure to a camper who is also a barbecue fan, for example, with spices, a barbecue apron and barbecue cutlery. You can also give away things that should not be missing in a camping kitchen: Cookbook, gas camping stove, frying pan, kitchen gadgets, a foldable pasta strainer made of silicone or table accessories (plates, boards, cutlery, glasses, etc.).

Camping gadgets
Knickknacks that are useful can be found in almost every backpack, tent or car of a real camper. If you want to score with your camping gifts, then think about what could be useful on the trip. Here are a few suggestions: a water bottle and lunch box made of thermal material, sunscreen, insect repellent spray, a portable espresso machine, a solar-powered radio, a portable camping shower, a first aid survival kit, a mini fan, etc.

A mobile home is like a second home that should be furnished with decorative things. If the camper has a penchant for decoration, the trade offers you a wide range of products that you can give away. A few ideas: a string of lights with vacation motifs, a beautiful tablecloth or picnic blanket, coasters for glasses, napkins, an organizer to hang, a picture frame with a personal photo of you, etc.


3 Camping gifts should come from the heart!

A camper will be happy about everything he gets as a gift – but how big this joy will actually be, you can influence. If you make sure that your camping gift is not just a random and impersonal thing, you are almost there. When the recipient realizes that what you are giving him or her really comes from the bottom of your heart, you have made it. You have arrived.


4 How much should camping gifts cost?

You don’t want to be labeled as greedy, do you? That’s why you should decide carefully how much money you want to spend on the perfect camping gift. If the occasion is special, the value of the gift may also be large and somewhat more expensive. Appreciation plays a big role in gift giving. But if you only need the gift to say “thank you” to a loved one, there’s no need to empty your entire wallet for it.


5 Conclusion

A camping trip can be very stressful – especially if you’re traveling without navigation. You may feel the same way when looking for the best camping gifts. But you won’t get lost if you follow our gift guide. Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, there’s no need to dread the occasion. Not only you will be happy when you present it – the person who receives the camping gift will also be amazed. If he takes your present with him on his next trip, then you will also come along with him in his mind – unless you are there in person anyway.


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