The best gifts for footballers!

“Shot, goal, shot, goal…” Football is one of those things – either you’re a fan or you’re not. If you have one or more footballers in your circle of friends and family, then you probably know what the number one topic of conversation is when everyone is together, don’t you? Listening to the footballers talk is still okay. It’s only when there’s a festive occasion coming up and you need to buy a gift for a footballer that it gets bad. Even if you’re not a football fanatic, you can still hit the bull’s eye if you consider a few aspects when looking for the right gift.


Funny gifts for football players

You’ll find plenty of gifts with the fun factor. How about a full piñata in the shape of a football, a small table football, a beer drinking helmet for the stadium, a flag with funny football motifs, a drinking game or a city-country shooting block? The rule of the game is: the more unusual, the better. 


Gifts for football players - Everything you should know!

Understanding a footballer is not exactly easy for someone who has no interest in this team sport. As a non-fan, you will notice this at the latest when you have to deal with the subject of football in the course of your gift search. Finding the right present for a footballer could be more exhausting for you than chasing a ball on the pitch for 90 minutes.

  • Throw in the towel early? You don’t have to! You can find all kinds of potential gifts for footballers on the internet and in various shops around you …
  • If you don’t want to give just any ordinary gift, then look out for useful, unique, individualised, funny, decorative or tasty presents. But above all, pay attention to the quality of the product!
  • You can simplify your gift search enormously if you keep the following key points in mind: the occasion, your available budget, the age and preferences of the person you want to give a gift to, etc.
  • If you are lost, get friends, acquaintances and relatives who are football enthusiasts to help you, or do some research on your own on the internet (e.g. on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram).
  • If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, don’t be afraid to use your hidden talents in painting, crafting and baking. Anything you make especially for the footballer you’re giving the gift to has a high personal value.

1 How to find the right gift for footballers

Drove to the nearest sports shop, bought a voucher and tada – gift ready? Please don’t! The following question is similar: “What should I give you? You should never ask the person to whom the gift should ultimately be given this question! This would ruin the magic of the gift and the surprise of the presentation. You would get a red card from the referee! Of course, you can ask other football fans around you for advice or help. Because when you have a choice between countless products, you are also spoilt for choice. Believe me, with these valuable tips, your search for the right gift for a footballer will be a lot easier:

1.1 Budget

You always have to keep your budget in mind when you look around online or in various shops. A little tip: If you compare prices (online) or in catalogues in advance, or if you take advantage of promotions and discounts, you can save a lot of money. But that doesn’t mean you have to be a cheapskate. Especially when it comes to gifts for a special person, you shouldn’t be stingy – after all, it has something to do with appreciation.

1.2 Favorite club / team

Every football fan has a club or team that they celebrate. If you know which club the person you want to give a gift to is a fan of, you have as good as won the game. There are usually many fan articles you can buy for well-known teams and their members. A hot tip: How about a ticket to the next match of your favourite team?

1.3 Age

The age of the footballer for whom you need the gift also plays a role, of course. After all, it’s hard to give a 5-year-old child the same gift as a 65-year-old – so please consider this point!


2 The best gift ideas for football players!

Are you a hobby confectioner? Perfect! A football-themed cake, some muffins, donuts or biscuits would be the ideal gifts, wouldn’t they? You can be sure that your baked and decorated masterpiece will catch everyone’s eye and bring a lot of joy to the football fan. All you need is a creative mind and the right ingredients and utensils. You can find the latter on the supermarket shelves or in online shops. When it comes to decorating, there are no limits to your creativity. Two examples: 1. take some food colouring to match the colours of a particular football team and colour the pastry with it. 2. form football motifs (ball, player, goal, turf, etc.) with marzipan or fondant and decorate your cake with them. Are you untalented when it comes to being a pastry chef? Then turn to a professional. Someone who has learnt the trade will be able to make you a beautiful, personalised and, above all, delicious souvenir.

Do you have artistic and craft skills? Then don’t waste your talents. Think about what gift you could paint, make or build yourself. Get inspiration in advance on the internet. For example, you could: knit a fan scarf, cap or socks; paint an abstract picture of the XY football team logo; or make a nice wooden keychain.

Simply taking a boring white envelope and putting a certain amount of money in it is more than just uncreative and impersonal. It looks better if you buy an extravagant football card or make one yourself.

Athletes also have a sweet tooth. It’s a good thing that you can quickly find what you’re looking for in the shops when you’re looking for sweets. Football boots, balls and cups made of chocolate, for example, make great gifts. For a footballer who spends a lot of time on the pitch and gets hungry at half-time, you could also give a variety of muesli or protein bars.

Football and cooking fan at the same time? There is nothing that doesn’t exist. You can score points with gifts that have something to do with cooking and football. For example, a cooking apron or a wooden or ceramic chopping board with football motifs; a spatula with the logo of your favourite team; a cookbook with recipes that could be used to cook for an entire team, etc. For meat lovers, a so-called grill branding iron would also be a cool idea. With this, every steak can be branded with the motif of your choice.

No idea why, but football and beer somehow belong together. If the person you’re giving a gift to also enjoys a good hop after the match or while comfortably watching a game, then go ahead: look for a special brew that will literally make the footballer’s mouth water. Of course, the same applies to wine and schnapps. The more noble and exclusive the liquid gift, the greater the pleasure for the palate. Logically, you cannot give such a gift to someone who is not yet allowed to drink alcohol or who generally refuses to consume it. The alternatives: chocolate pralines, wine gums, muffins, cakes, crisps – anything with a football motif is suitable as a gift.

Please don’t shoot yourself in the foot by buying useless things. If you put a little effort into finding the right gift, you’re bound to find a cool and, above all, useful gadget. Perfect for a footballer are, for example: a thermo drink bottle, a lunch box, bed linen with football team XY or an alarm clock in the shape of a football.

Even if it may not seem like it – many footballers are also fashion fanatics. Whether it’s T-shirts, scarves, ties, cufflinks, hats, socks, caps, belts, wallets or jewellery… they like to wear anything that has a connection to their favourite sport. Of course, before you buy, you need to know which clothing size and which individual fashion style to look for.

What would a footballer do without a ball and a goal? Probably play another sport. So if the person you want to give a gift to is not yet in possession of proper football equipment for the home, it’s high time to change that.  

Decorative stuff isn’t for everyone, but many footballers wouldn’t say no if you gave them a blanket, cushion, placemat, mug, beer mug, glass, ashtray or cup, for example. The only requirement is that it has something to do with football (and hopefully the right team!).


The football gift should come from the heart!

Giving and receiving gifts – two wonderful things that always remind you how much you like someone or how much you are liked by another person. If the gift really comes from the heart and is not just a random 0815 product, then the joy is twice as great. After all, the footballer receiving the gift then knows exactly: “Wow. He / she has really thought about my gift”.


4 How much should gifts for footballers cost?

You should adapt the price of the gift to the respective occasion. It is logical that you can and should spend a little more money on person XY for Christmas or birthday parties that only take place once a year. Catchword appreciation. When buying a small gift in-between times, it is not always necessary to spend a lot of money on a nice present.


5 Conclusion

Now that you have received some suggestions and tips for your gift search, you should no longer lack the necessary know-how for your purchase. So you can play striker right away and go out onto the playing field – meaning the various shops, of course. However, you should have a little patience so that in the end you can be sure that you haven’t missed the goal with your purchase decision. But believe me: as soon as you have found the right gift for the respective footballer, the match is won for you. You won’t be able to wait to give him your present.


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