The best gifts for police officers!

3…2…1…arrested! It may happen so quickly if you don’t have a suitable gift ready for a police officer. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we at 365 Presents have compiled the best gifts for policemen and policewomen and present them to you in this article. So if you’re looking for the perfect gift for someone who has their heart and soul in law enforcement, you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re looking for a funny gift, something useful or something to enjoy, we’re sure you’ll find it here.


Books for police officers

For all bookworms among the police officers there is of course enough choice of presents. For further education, for a laugh or to collect experiences of other policemen – we have found a few interesting books, which are perfect as a present for a police officer:


Gifts for police officers - Everything you need to know!

In principle, there are countless ways to make a loved one happy. Often, however, it is not so easy to find the right present. We know this feeling only too well, when a certain occasion approaches, but the brilliant idea for the right gift just won’t appear. That’s why we’ve developed a little guide to help you choose the perfect present.


1 How to find the right gift for police officers

1.1 Gift Occasion

Birthday of the policeman is, of course, the classic occasion for a gift. But also other situations require thinking about a gift for a police officer. Be it the successful graduation from the police school, or yet already the retirement – especially at such big milestones the person is happy about a special attention. Or do you present the policeman with a thank-you gift for his helpfulness? These are the things you should think about before choosing a gift – the occasion will determine what kind of gift you give and, of course, the money you want to spend on it.

1.2 Budget

Even before you really start looking for the gift, you should also be aware of how much you want to spend on it. As already mentioned, the budget should also fit the occasion. For a round birthday you should logically plan more money than for a small thank you in between. How high your budget is, is of course up to you and is individual. The important thing with gifts is that they come from the heart – you don’t have to spend a lot of money for that.

1.3 Preferences

As a next step, you should consider what kind of person the gifted police officer is and what hobbies, passions, inclinations, etc. he / she has. Is the person a joker and humorist? Well then there are a number of gifts which underpin his funny nature! Is the policeman more of a quiet type and enjoys his working hours quite relaxed and in peace? Then you probably won’t go wrong with a good book and maybe a bottle of wine or whiskey. Or is the recipient a true connoisseur? Here you will probably find the right thing in the culinary category! Once you have clarity about these things, there is actually only one factor that plays a role in your decision about the right gift:

1.4 Time

The time factor is also significant in deciding your present. The more time you have, the more creative you can be. For example, if you still have a few weeks before you need the gift, you can choose it in peace, think about a nice personal text for it and possibly also design the packaging imaginatively. For example, have you ever planned a scavenger hunt to present a gift? Believe us, this is not only fun for policemen 😉

But if time is rather pressing, a voucher is the right choice. Vouchers don’t have to be impersonal – you have to think about the preferences of the recipient and in which direction the voucher should go. The advantage of a voucher is, of course, that the recipient can ultimately decide for himself what he wants to buy.


2 Good gift ideas for police officers

2.1 Gifts for connoisseurs

Are you looking for a gift for a true connoisseur? Then you are spoiled for choice.

For the sweet tooth among the police officers is suitable, for example, chocolate in any form. Whether it’s chocolates or chocolate firearms – a sweet tooth is sure to be pleased about any sweet souvenir.

If your friend policeman is more the savory type, you should rather think of something hearty. For example, spices, barbecue utensils or gift baskets with delicious contents are suitable.

Everyone is happy about a sip of their favorite drink after work. You can make this pleasure even better for your friend by giving him various gadgets. How about ice cube molds, a special glass with a personal dedication or a holster for beer bottles? The latter is not only a fun gift, but really very practical 😉

2.2 Useful and helpful presents for police officers

Have you ever thought about how you can make the everyday life of police officers a little easier?

For example, things for the road are suitable as gifts. A suitable lunch box keeps the food you bring with you safe so that you don’t get a stomach growl on patrol. Just as practical is a thermal mug, in which the coffee stays warm longer and so the fatigue during a strenuous mission does not win.

Especially for police officers in their first years of service, something useful is particularly suitable as a gift. As an example, a young policeman would certainly be happy about a practical organizer, in which all things such as notes, pens, cards, etc.. Place find. And if the stress level is once very high despite good organization, a stress ball can provide relief.

A universal handcuff key is also extremely practical for a police officer. Of course, police officers are provided with keys for handcuffs – but these are often very small and unwieldy. A universal handcuff key can then help, because in fact many handcuff locks can be operated with the same key.

2.3 T-shirts and mugs

Among the classics among the presents are, of course, T-shirts and mugs. This is because they are used daily, do not cost the world and are ideal for giving away. Printed with a suitable saying or a suitable picture, these gifts are a real highlight.

2.4 Decorative items

If you can’t get enough police work, you can also decorate your living space accordingly. And decorative items you can use optimally as a gift. A wall tattoo with a patrol car or a clock with a police motif will find a place in the apartment of a passionate policeman.

2.5 Books

People who love to read are always happy about an expansion of their collection. A reference to the police profession can also be found quite quickly in the world of books. So if you’re looking for a gift for a police officer who loves to read, books are ideal. Whether a funny country thriller that makes a humorous investigator’s heart beat faster or a book about the psyche of people, a suitable gift is quickly found for bookworms.

2.6 Retirement

For many, the transition from working life to retirement life is not so easy. Others, on the other hand, enjoy their well-deserved retirement right from the start. No matter what applies to your known police officer – a small reminder of the time of police work is a nice gesture for everyone.


3 Now it's your turn!

You have received many tips from us, many present ideas and learned a lot when it comes to gift giving – now it’s up to you! Let your creativity run wild, write down the best ideas and think carefully about what you want to give a policeman the greatest pleasure. It is important that your present comes from the heart and in the best case also provides a benefit.  

There are so many ways to give someone true joy. Learn about the recipient’s preferences, observe what brings him/her joy, and think about how you could use that knowledge to make a present. If your friend is a gourmet, likes to stand behind the stove/grill and often enjoys a homemade meal – well, then give him a kitchen gadget, a cookbook or delicious ingredients or spices. If the person likes to spend time in nature, there are certainly things that can sweeten his experiences outdoors.

If the police officer you know is a real workhorse, or on the best way to get there, then there are a number of useful gifts that are sure to please him and serve a good function. Also consider if there is a good balance to the working day for your known policeman. Does he like to read a good book in the evening? Then provide him with new, exciting stories to smile about, perhaps accompanied by a good drop of wine or whiskey? So you already have a well thought-out gift. Also well thought out are gifts that can be personalized. The name on a beautiful mug, a personal saying on the T-shirt or pens with personal dedication…


5 Conclusion

So let’s summarise once again: A gift should be well thought out and come from the heart. So at the beginning, think about the occasion for which you need the gift, how much budget you have available and how much time you still have for it. And most importantly: what are the preferences of the policeman you are giving the gift to? How can you please them? Ask yourself whether a useful gift for work is appropriate, or something more fun for leisure. If you take the above points into account, nothing can go wrong! 🙂


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