The best gifts for knitters / knitting gadgets

If you’re asking yourself: “Oh God, how old-fashioned. Who still knits these days?”, then here is the answer: “Really many people do. It doesn’t matter if you’re young or old. Knitting is still in fashion.” I’m pretty sure you can find a knitting fan in your circle of family and friends. If you want to give a gift to someone whose passion is knitting, we will be happy to help you find the right present. After all, we don’t want you to lose the thread of your search. In this article you will find what we think are the best gifts for knitters and knitting fans!


Unique gifts for knitters

Uniqueness is always good when it comes to gift giving. Not every knitter has high-quality yarn bowls made of clay or wood at home. These come in a wide variety of models, shapes and colours. Especially popular are those that look like cats or dogs. Many of them are even handmade and truly unique. 


Original gifts for knitters

If you don’t honour originality, you’re not worth the gift. Ever heard of a knitting planner? It’s a calendar book that no knitter’s household should be without. Also original: ergonomic knitting needles that are much more pleasant to the touch than conventional needles.


Personalised gifts for knitting fans

Personalised gifts please every knitting fan. Especially when it comes to their favourite tool: the knitting needle. Many manufacturers offer you the opportunity to have their models individually engraved. You can also personalise project bags made of various materials in which you can store your knitting.


Knitting accessories

People who love knitting usually also like to wear knitted items. A popular accessory for knitters is therefore a scarf, hat, gloves or cuffs. Another cute gift idea: patches for the finished knitted pieces. These are available in numerous designs.


Knitting gadgets

Knitting is old-fashioned? Maybe – but not necessarily. If you’re on the lookout for practical gifts for knitters, then pay attention now. For the more lazy knitters, there are special knitting mills with which, for example, the most beautiful socks can be made relatively quickly. Knitting also becomes child’s play when finger holders are used to guide the yarn or wool.


Gifts for knitters - Everything you need to know!

Not everyone is gifted when it comes to handling textiles. But those who do have this talent are true artists. Ambitious knitters can create the most beautiful things with yarn or wool. Even if you are not into this hobby, you will be able to put a smile on the face of a knitting fan. All you have to do? Follow our guide!

  • Looking for the best gift for knitters? Then take a look at a suitable (online) shop. The range of products offers many things that are sure to please your friend.
  • Don’t be afraid of unusual things! After all, special and useful things always go down well with the recipient.
  • It’s a lot easier to find a gift with a plan in mind. Before you start, answer the following questions: “How cheap or expensive do you want the gift to be? How old is the knitting fan? What does the person I’m going to give a gift to enjoy? How long has my favourite person been knitting?
  • You wanted to, but then you ran out of wool? No problem. If you are at a loss, dare to ask friends, acquaintances or relatives. They’re sure to help you find the right gift.
  • Quality is hugely important when it comes to gifts – so don’t buy anything inferior!
  • If you are talented and creative at the same time, you can of course get to work yourself and design your own gift.

1 How to find the perfect gift for knitting fans

The better prepared you are for your knitter gift search, the more likely you are to find it. So keep the following 4 points in mind.

1.1 Budget

Knitting is in itself quite an inexpensive hobby. However, this does not mean that gifts for knitters are cheap. Prices can vary greatly depending on the product. For this reason, you should always consider how much money you are willing and able to spend on your favourite person before buying.

1.2 Age

You should also consider the age when buying a gift. How old is the person you want to dedicate your knitting gift to? Still young or already old?

1.3 Preferences

When it comes to knitting, the fabric Fortunately, the colour palette for wool and yarn is more than just wide. Knowing what colours your favourite knitter likes will make your search easier.

1.4 Knitting experience

How much experience does the person you want to give a gift to already have in knitting? Is he or she just starting out? Has the knitting fan only been practising this craft for a short time or is he already experienced and a real talent? If the latter is not the case, it is advisable to go for beginner sets.


2 The best gift ideas for knitters!

2.1 Books for knitters

Your favourite person needs a little inspiration for their new knitting projects? Then books like Wolly Woofers, Knit and Nibble, Rowan at Home or More Easy Fairisle Knits are great gift ideas. These books are in English, but with lots of great knitting patterns to follow.

2.2 Snacks

If your knitting fan gets hungry while working, it’s time for a little break and a snack. What gift would be ideal here? A little treat. You usually can’t go wrong with delicious chocolate, quality dried fruit and nuts.

2.3 Knitting helper

Even dedicated knitters often have to struggle with wool and needles. It can happen from time to time that a stitch is lost when the knitting is lying around. So that this no longer happens, there is the stitch stopper. Another useful gift for knitters is a row counter. This helper is really practical – after all, it is very easy to lose count of the rows while knitting.

2.4 Special knitting needles

If someone has a soft spot for unique things, he or she will certainly like fancy and high-quality knitting needles. Models made of olive tree wood or bamboo not only look very classy – they are also very pleasant to handle. Such needles are usually available as beautifully packaged sets and really look impressive.

2.5 Yarn bags

Knitting enthusiasts are really organised people. If your favourite person is one of them, why not present them with a fashionable yarn bag? They are the perfect places to store knitting and crochet needles, scissors, glasses, tape measure, yarn and wool.

2.6 Instruction packets

If your knitting fan loves this hobby, but is not yet familiar with the use of needle and yarn, then a set of instructions would be the perfect gift. In many shops you can find ready-made sets with matching instructions. This makes it easy for anyone to learn how to knit dolls, teddy bears, rabbits, sheep, etc.

2.7 Tea enjoyment

“Keep calm and drink tea. – knitters know this old English saying only too well. The reason is that knitting and drinking tea harmonise perfectly. Both provide pure relaxation. If you want to do something good for the body and mind of your favourite knitter, then look out for gifts in the form of tea. There are countless fine and special blends on the market that promote (note the pun) a sense of woolbeing.

2.8 Relaxation music

If someone doesn’t like to knit in silence, they can listen to music on the side. CDs tend to be retro, but they’re great for giving as gifts. However, find out which genre, singers, bands or instruments the knitter likes before making a music purchase.

2.9 DIY gifts

If you want to be creative yourself, then get to work. Gifts that you can easily make yourself include:

  • a Christmas tree ball: Simply take a normal Christmas tree ball, wrap yarn or wool in the desired colour around it until nothing of the ball shows through and stick 1 -2 knitting needles into it – done!
  • some baking: cakes, biscuits, muffins and doughnuts are a treat for everyone. Add fondant, icing, marzipan and knitted sugar fonts to these baked goods and you’ll be the king of the party.  

3 The gift should come from the heart!

You should know how important it is to give a package with love. Your gift is only really valuable when you have chosen and given it with heart. Believe me, the effort will pay off in the end.


4 How much should gifts for knitting fans cost?

With gifts, the price ranges can always vary greatly. Some things are very expensive, while others are really inexpensive. Whether you want to invest a lot or a little is of course up to you. If you need the knitter’s gift for a very special occasion, you can dig a little deeper into your wallet.


5 Conclusion

With our tips you are more than well prepared for your gift search. After all, you now know what a knitting fan needs and what he likes. So head to the nearest (online) shop. But take your time when choosing. Your woolaholic will be happy anyway when you hand over your parcel – come what may.


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