Gifts for cooking lovers

Cooking is an art in itself and makes you just as happy as the good food afterwards. You probably know one or two people who are passionate about cooking, right? Maybe there is even a real cook among your friends and relatives who earns his living with it. If you need a gift for a passionate chef for a special occasion, we have the best recipe that will make the search a breeze. In this article we present you the best gifts for cooks and cooking enthusiasts – have fun!


Useful gifts for cooking lovers

Cooking without the right ingredients and utensils? Does not work. No wonder real gourmets value high-quality products. So give away something useful, which is often needed in the kitchen. For example, how about a granite-look or wooden cutting board, an exotic knife set, various grill cutlery or a new frying pan with a special coating?


Fun gifts for cooking enthusiasts

It’s always good to eat with chefs. That’s why you can also fall back on a funny souvenir without further ado. Ideally suited are, for example, a tea towel, a kitchen sponge, a shirt or a cooking apron with a funny imprint (slogan, motive, photo). Utensils such as silicone baking molds, salt shakers, knife blocks or can openers are also available in a wide variety of colors and shapes.


Clothing gifts for cooking lovers

Spills are part and parcel of cooking. It’s no wonder that a real chef doesn’t just have one dress hanging in his cupboard. Because chefs can always use new cooking tops, bottoms, hoods and caps – perfect gifts for cooking enthusiasts. If you want something special, have the garment personalized. For example, a unique idea would be to have a beautiful chef’s hat embroidered with the name of the respective chef.


Gifts for cooking enthusiasts - Everything you should know!

If you prefer to eat rather than cook, finding the perfect gift for your loved one could be a chef’s task. After all, you don’t know what a good cook needs on a daily basis, and especially not what he likes. The wide range that you can choose from will only make your search more difficult. But we won’t let you down and we’ll tell you what to look for when buying gifts for cooking lovers.

  • If you want to give a gift to a friend of the culinary arts, you must first look for it in stores – online or stationary.
  • If you have the chance to customize the gift, please take it! Something personalized always goes down well with the recipient.
  • If you are struggling with empty thoughts while looking for a gift, surf the internet a bit, ask friends, acquaintances and relatives – maybe they can inspire and advise you.
  • So that you don’t spoil your own soup when buying a gift, you need to ask yourself the following questions: “For what occasion do I need the gift? Should it be expensive or rather inexpensive? Am I giving a gift to an experienced cook or a beginner? How old is the person? What will the person be able to use and what will they not be able to use? Does the recipient need something special?”
  • If you walk around with open and attentive eyes, you should find something suitable for a cook relatively quickly: Kitchen utensils, cookbooks, spice sets, clothing, solid and liquid food, decoration and fun items.

1 How to find the right gift for cooking lovers

If you’ve ever been to a giant store for kitchen gadgets and utensils, you’ll probably nod when I ask, “Did you also get completely lost in there and not find what you were looking for at the end of the shopping trip?” It should be similarly difficult for you if you go on a gift hunt and plunge headlong into the big world of cooking. So that you do not wander haphazardly, you get some super tips. After all, you want to find what you’re looking for and hold the perfect gift for cooks in your hands:

1.1 Budget

10, 20, 50, 100, 200€? How high or low should or may the amount of money you want to spend on the gift finally turn out to be? With an approximate – better yet – a clear idea of the price, everything is simpler. Of course, you have to consider how your own finances are at the moment. If you are in the black, you can logically invest a little more in your souvenir. If you prefer to save money, then do some research on the Internet and compare the prices of the suppliers. With a little luck, you can also acquire one or the other bargain at auctions.

1.2 Chef or hobby chef?

Not all cooks are the same. Someone who has learned this profession and perhaps has been passionate about it for years, is probably at the stove with a completely different approach than a self-proclaimed amateur chef. So when looking for the perfect gift, you need to know how knowledgeable person XY is about all things cooking.

1.3 Age

Scissors, knife, fork, fire, light, are not for small children. What am I trying to say? You could give a sharp knife set to an adult cook, but logically not to a 5-year-old. So the age of person XY for whom you need the gift, you must always take to heart.


2 The best gift ideas for cooking enthusiasts!

Every cook owns at least one cookbook. If you want to expand the collection on the bookshelf, then look out for a new cookbook. Whether for a man or a woman, such gifts are always appreciated. Of course, you should not buy just any book. It would be good to know what cooking and eating preferences person XY, for whom the gift should be, has. Is she into exotic dishes from Chinese, Indian or Turkish cuisine? Or do they prefer traditional home cooking recipes? Maybe you know some great dishes from yourself, great-grandma, grandma, mom and co. and could put together your own collection of delicacies as a booklet and give it away.

A real gourmet knows that with the right spices he can create a taste explosion in no time. Accordingly, it would not be wrong to give away delicious spices. You can buy some of them as ready-made sets – for steak, poultry, fish, vegetables and so on. Some manufacturers even offer to create your own personal spice blend according to your wishes. But if you are a little herb witch, you can of course also conjure up your own spice gifts. You could also give a matching salt shaker or pepper mill (perhaps also customized).

Liquid gold
Welches Öl am besten zu welcher Speise passt, weiß jemand, der einen geschulten Gaumen hat, sofort. Die Regel lautet: Finger weg von minderwertigen Ölen! Möchtest du einem Koch wahre Freude bereiten, so greife auf hochwertiges flüssiges Gold zurück, das schonend hergestellt und vielleicht noch mit natürlichen Aromen verfeinert worden ist. Beispiele: Basilikum-, Oregano-, Thymian-, Trüffel- oder Chiliöl.

Cooking aprons
A cook without an apron? Unimaginable. Thank goodness the selection is extremely large when it comes to this topic. Whether colorful, monochrome, classic, modern, extravagant, with a slogan or photo – there is certainly a suitable model for every cook out there. Again, many manufacturers offer you the possibility of individualization.

Cooking utensils
A meal is prepared by a gourmet most willingly and easily, if he has the necessary equipment. We are talking about dangerous items (knives, skewers, beaters, pizza cutters, etc.), kitchen appliances (waffle irons, toasters, mixers, scales, etc.) or other utensils (spoons, sieves, pans, pots, etc.) that are needed in the kitchen. So these things are also great gifts for cooking enthusiasts

Chefs not only cook, but also like to eat. If you want to literally sweeten the day of the person you want to give a gift to, then give them a delicious chocolate (e.g. in the shape of a cooking spoon, salt shaker or knife). Wine gums in sushi, pizza, burger or steak look are of course also available for purchase. Exclusive honey or exotic dried fruits like Medjool dates also make great gifts for cooking lovers. Not only could they be eaten that way, but they could also be used for cooking. With savory foods such as special cheeses, caviar or good meat, you can logically also score points with many gourmets.

Wine and beer are often used in the kitchen. But if gourmet XY not only likes to cook with them, but also occasionally drinks something alcoholic, then don’t hesitate to give him a gift of liquid. If the recipient of the gift swears by the digestive liquor after the meal, then present him with something high-proof.

Learning by doing
Even a trained chef can still learn something new. After all, not everyone knows how to make sushi, grow oyster mushrooms, bake sourdough bread or fillet a fish properly. There are special start-up packages and kits for this purpose, with which every beginner can become a master. Perfect gifts for cooks!

You know the saying, “Baking is love formed from dough?” Then surprise your significant other with something you baked yourself. Cake, muffins, donut, cookies – what you want to make in the end is up to you. But to make sure your baked goods don’t look boring, you should decorate them with something that matches the cooking theme. In an emergency, buy your souvenir directly from the pastry chef. Speaking of homemade: You could engrave or paint a wooden spatula or wooden cooking spoon yourself and then give it as a gift. The same goes for cutting boards, plates, glasses, cups, etc. Just play a little with your creativity!

“Lay the table…” – with decorative dishes, cutlery, glasses, placemats or napkins, the arranged meal looks much nicer. Especially the cooks attach great importance to the presentation of the dishes. After all, the eye eats too!


3 The gift for cooking enthusiasts should come from the heart!

„Love goes through the stomach.“ So that your counterpart licks off all 10 fingers after you have presented him with your gift, you must of course make an effort in searching. After all, you don’t want to disappoint a person close to you by giving them a random 0815 present, do you? What you give away should always come from the heart.


4 How much should gifts for cooking lovers cost?

The more original, high quality and durable your gift, the better. After all, you want the recipient to enjoy it for more than just a short time, right? Of course, you don’t have to spend a lot of money if you don’t want to. But just for a special occasion and people you may gladly dig a little deeper into the pockets. Show the cook with the best gift in the world, how much he is actually worth to you!


5 Conclusion

Cooking isn’t always easy – and neither is finding the right gift for a cooking lover. Unless you know exactly what to look for in your search for a gift for cooking enthusiasts. With the right instructions, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. You’ll not only save yourself precious time, but also a lot of nerves. Feel free to consult other people before you completely fail in your gift search. But be careful: many cooks could spoil the broth. Trust is good, but control is better.So always take the scepter, errr the wooden spoon, into your own hands and get your butt to the nearest (online) store.  If you still can’t find what you’re looking for, don’t despair – even if time is short! In an emergency, you can also create a gift yourself with a lot of ambition and love. This is what makes a perfect gift for cooks.


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