The best golf gifts!

Golf – a walk with annoyances. If you practice this sport yourself or have ever tried it, you know exactly what I’m talking about. Do you know an avid golfer who is planning a party soon? If so, you’ve got a nerve-wracking task ahead of you as a guest: Looking for the perfect golf gift, finding it and scoring a hole-in-one with it. We’ll help you to make sure that your tee-off is a success from the start and that even non-golfers can find what they’re looking for. If you follow our (golf) rules, searching and finding the perfect golf gifts should not be a problem.


Useful golf gifts

Every sportsman is happy about useful gifts. Accordingly, you can also equip a golfer with new equipment. After all, you have more than enough options here: golf clubs, bags, trolleys, shoes, balls or other accessories. The best thing to do is to find out from other people which brands, models and colors the person you are giving the gift to favors.


Funny golf gifts

While golf is a difficult sport that requires concentration and practice, who says you can’t take this hobby with a sense of humor? Take the golfer for a ride by giving them something fun. Has your golfing buddy ever golfed in the bathroom? No? Well then it’s about time you give him an indoor putting set. Or how about a mini golf park for the desk to counteract the boredom at work? Would be a perfect golf gift idea!


Golf gifts - Everything you should know!

You would get lost in the vastness of the golf course and wouldn’t even know how to hold the club properly? No matter. To find the right golf gift, you don’t necessarily have to be familiar with the subject. What do you have us for? We’re here to help you understand what to look for in your search for a unique golf gift.

  • You certainly won’t stumble across a suitable golf gift on the green – apart from a golf ball, of course. Therefore, it’s better to go to an (online) sports store to find what you’re looking for.
  • For your golf gift to be a real hit, it must of course be as personal and special as possible. But the texture and quality of the product must not be neglected.
  • Occasion? Person? Age? Budget? Passion? Use? – These are all keywords that you, as a golf gift seeker, must always keep in mind. This makes it easier for you to make the right choice.
  • You know a golf club and its members? That can be an advantage if you’re struggling to come up with golf gift ideas. Just ask the connoisseurs and experts.
  • You can’t play golf – but you can do other things? Then take a look at your craft box, your sewing box, your craft kit, your paint palette or your recipe book. Think about what you could make using your talents to create your own personalized golf gift.

1 How to find the right golf gift

As a newcomer, it’s not only easy to get lost on the golf course – you can also quickly lose track of all the offers when looking for a golf gift. Finding something beautiful, original and useful sounds easy in theory. But when it comes to putting it into practice, you’ll realize that it’s harder than you thought. One thing you should keep your hands off of, though, is cash gifts. It’s not exactly personal. So stick to our practical tips and you’ll find the perfect, unusual golf gift super quickly and easily.

1.1 Budget

Golf is known as a sport for the rich and famous – after all, it’s expensive fun. But don’t worry. Of course, you don’t have to take out a large loan to finance a golf gift. After all, the gifts available to you as a buyer are in a wide range of price categories. How much money you want to spend on the present is up to you. It’s best to measure the price according to the upcoming occasion and the “degree of importance” of the person you’re giving the gift to.

1.2 Golf-passion

As with any other sport, there are pros and wannabes in golf. Which of the two groups does the person for whom you are looking for golf gift ideas belong to?  The more time and ambition the golfer puts into his favorite pastime, the more sophisticated the gift has to be.

1.3 Age

Golf is only for old people? Not at all. Who says that the younger generation can’t be out and about on the green with a golf bag? And that’s exactly the point: When you’re in the process of choosing your golf gift, always start by asking yourself, “How old is the golfer I’m actually going to give it to?”


2 The best golf gift ideas!

Energy boost for golfers
The golf cart is full of gas, but the golfer isn’t? Oh dear. Not good at all. When you’re hungry, it’s hard to concentrate. To be able to tee off in a targeted manner, focus is a must. Thank goodness you can remedy this by giving the golfer some edible fuel. Powerbars, muesli and protein bars, squeezies and trail mix, for example, provide an energy boost on the go. Especially cool and tasty at the same time are golf balls made of chocolate and wine gum. Gifts like these make the sweet golf picnic perfect.

Target water for golfers
Do alcohol and golf go together? Not during the game – but afterwards, when you’re sitting together at the golf club. You can toast with a variety of drinks. Whether it’s beer, wine, sparkling wine or high-proof spirits – the trade offers you such a wide range of tasty target water varieties. Let yourself be advised by real experts. Some alcoholic beverages, for example, are even available in beautiful golf ball glass bottles. Matching: Beer, wine, champagne and shot glasses decorated with large and small golf balls; ice cube molds that conjure up frozen golf balls from water in an instant; glass straws with personal engraving.

Personalized golf gifts
For an inveterate player, golf is not only a sport, but also a way of life. If you want to surprise the recipient with something very special, then you should look out for high-quality and personalized golf equipment. A really nice idea: golf balls that the manufacturer makes according to your wishes. No matter how colorful and with what decoration or inscription, everything is possible. Custom golf clubs are also unique golf gifts.

You don’t have to be a talented golfer to make the perfect golf gift yourself. Use any skills you have in other creative areas. For example, what you can do: A cute decorative snowman whose body is made of golf balls. Artistically paint golf balls – to place or play. A money gift: You take a piece of (artificial) turf at hand, fold the bills into small flags, mount them on toothpicks and stick them into the green.

Golf bakery
Edible golf balls? You can buy them made of chocolate. But we’ll go one step further: You can also bake and decorate cakes, muffins, cookies and the like so that they not only taste good, but also have something to do with the golf theme. The easiest way to do this is with edible decorations made of fondant, chocolate and colored sugar icing, sprinkles, marzipan, edible paper and food coloring. However, your intuition and patience are required here. Look for some inspiration on the Internet – there are so many great ideas to try out. Otherwise, a confectioner is always ready to serve you.

Golf course technology
If you want to modernize the old sport of golf a bit, then give the golf fan a gift of technical aids. Meanwhile, there is already a special GPS tracker for the golf course. It allows the player to accurately record both his successes and the course of a game. This makes it possible to see immediately whether or not progress is being made in training. While we’re on the subject of tracking: For golfers who walk several kilometers per game, a smartwatch would be perfect. After all, it’s interesting to know how many steps you’ve taken while playing golf.

Unique golf gifts
Who wants to be bog-standard in this day and age? Certainly not a golfer. How good those special gadgets can help. What not every golfer owns: a personalized leather tee holder to hang on the tee; golf ball glasses that help you find every ball you play on the green and in the fairway; a ball marker with Swarovski stones.

Literature for golfers
A curious golfer who likes to read something in his spare time can also be given a book or magazine with a clear conscience. After all, many publications also deal with the subject of golf. Two examples: 1. a guidebook that summarizes all the rules of golf in a compact form or 2. a travel guide that introduces you to the most beautiful golf courses.

Golf decoration
What’s wrong with decorating your home in golf style? A fan of this sport will surely be happy about various home accessories: an ice cooler in the shape of a golf ball; a coffee cup or salt and pepper shakers in golf ball design; a doormat that resembles the green; golf ball Christmas tree decorations; a golf club that has been converted into a kitchen roll holder or a wooden shelf where you can store your balls.


3 The golf gift should come from the heart!

Which organ plays the decisive role when it comes to giving gifts? Exactly: your heart. When you give a gift, it should come from deep within you. Believe me, the golfer can tell right away whether you’ve made an effort in the gift search or not.


4 How much should golf gifts cost?

Whether it’s extortionate or low prices, you’ll find it all in the golfing section. What you choose among these products is up to you. The golf gift  may cost more if a special occasion is approaching. But you don’t have to pay a lot of money for small gifts.


5 Conclusion

You’ve followed our (golf) rules and got it? That’s great. Then your golf gift search should have ended well. You’re probably looking forward to seeing the golfer smiling from ear to ear. Then you know: “Okay, I did everything right and won the game. Hole-in-one!” Who knows, maybe you’ll get a taste for this sport yourself.


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