The best gifts for dancers!

Let’s start with a bad joke: “If you don’t dance, you’re indiscotable!” And again, a special occasion is just around the corner. This time, the person being celebrated is a passionate dancer. If you want your gift to stand out from the crowd, you’ll have to put a lot of effort into choosing it. But with the right strategy, it should be a breeze. In this article you’ll find what we think are the best gifts for dancers!


Gifts for ballroom dancers

A ballroom dancer travels a lot. How about giving him a personalised travel bag? A nice water bottle would also fit the bill – after all, the dancer has to drink enough on a competition day. A lunch box that can be packed with provisions for the small hunger pangs would also be an idea.


Gifts for Dancers - Everything you need to know!

Dancers communicate in their own way – through body language. Understanding this? Of course, it’s not always easy. It is especially difficult if you are not a dancer yourself. But don’t worry. You don’t have to panic about it. You will still find a suitable gift for someone who loves to dance.  With our tips, we will make sure that your search will be easier and that you will definitely be surprised at the end of the day.

  • You’ll probably have a hard time finding the gift in the dance hall, but you can find it in a shop or online. Look for anything that could potentially appeal to a dancer!
  • Uniqueness is a top priority when it comes to giving presents. That’s why the present should be something special and not something ordinary that everyone has.
  • First think about the occasion, your budget, the age and dance style of the person you want to give a gift to. This will make your search a lot easier.
  • You can ask friends, acquaintances and relatives for gift advice if your head is empty of ideas. Dancers know what dancers need and want.
  • Giving away cheap and useless stuff is an absolute no-go. Please remember: The quality of a present is the most important thing.
  • Do you want to become active yourself? Then use all the talents you were born with and create your own gift.

1 How to find the right gift for dancers

You only realise how tedious it is to look for the right dancer gift when you’re in the middle of the action. Turning your theoretical knowledge into practical knowledge becomes a challenge. To make your search easier, we’ll give you a few small but important pieces of advice along the way. Use them as a guide:

1.1 Budget

“What are my finances doing these days?” – This is a question you definitely need to ask yourself before you start looking for a gift. After all, it wouldn’t be bad to know how deep you can and want to dig into your wallet for the dancer.

1.2 Dance style

Even if you personally may have two left feet, you should still know that not all dance is the same. For this reason, you need to find out in advance what kind of dancer the person you are giving the gift to belongs to. Is he an enthusiastic hip-hopper, break dancer, ballet dancer, Latin dancer? Or just a recreational disco dancer who moves back and forth to a song every now and then?

1.3 Age

How old is the dancer in question? A child? A teenager? An adult? A senior citizen? The gift you choose must of course be appropriate for the age.

1.4 Occasion

There are so many occasions for which gifts are needed. The bigger the occasion, the more pompous the gift can be. The festive highlights of a year are the birthday and Christmas celebrations. But even small gifts for in-between occasions are sure to put a smile on a dancer’s face.


2 The best gift ideas for dancers!

After a long dance session or tournament, you’re pretty much out of breath. So much sport all at once. The dancer can treat himself to a little something as a reward. Suitable gifts for such occasions would be, for example, high-quality chocolates or exotic dried fruit. However, you should not buy either of these from a supermarket, but from an exclusive seller – after all, quality is the be-all and end-all.

If you can literally bake your own delicious cakes or crispy biscuits, then go ahead. Dancers can allow themselves these extra calories with a clear conscience. However, if you don’t have the right confectionary skills, then please turn to someone who does. They can make you tasty and beautifully decorated dancers’ baked goods.

Reading for dancers
If you spend many hours a day on the dance floor, you need to take a little time out now and then to recharge your batteries. For such relaxation days, books are your best friend. If your favourite dancer loves to read, give him or her a great book as a present. But first you have to find out which genre you should choose. There are plenty of books with dance stories.

Dancer accessories
Dancing is a presentation sport. Logically, the overall image, including the outfit, has to be right. But dancers like to look chic not only on the dance floor, but also in everyday life. Real dancing queens like to wear jewellery in all variations. For example, you can find many necklaces, earrings, rings or bracelets with dance motifs in the shops. Men like belts, cufflinks, ties, watches or wallets – you can often have these personalised.

Sport supplements
Anyone who thinks that dancing is not a sport has apparently never danced full throttle for several hours. Like any other athlete, dancers have to take care of their health. You can support the person you are celebrating with useful gifts. Food supplements such as magnesium, curcumin or a high-quality omega-3 ensure faster regeneration. Protein bars or shakes are also popular sources of energy when things have to go fast.

Relaxation gifts
Even dancers’ legs get tired at some point – the best time to relax. There are a number of things that can help. You can buy massagers that are specially made for the legs. High-quality creams that warm or cool can also provide relief when the limbs burn or ache. Another idea would be colourful Thera bands, for example, which the dancing bear can use to stretch after sport.

Dancer gadgets
Is your favourite dancer a gadget fan? Then why not give him a new hard cover for his smartphone or a Popsocket with a cool motif or saying? If the person receiving the gift doesn’t yet own a smartwatch, it’s high time. This way, he can track how he was doing while dancing: How high was his pulse? How many calories did he burn? How many steps did he dance? Key rings with dance motifs for the car or the front door are also popular.

Deco for dancers
A dancer who likes to improve his or her home every now and then will certainly be delighted if you help him or her. Gifts such as wall stickers, comfortable seat cushions, bed linen, ashtrays, flower pots and the like are perfect for this. However, you should make sure that the dance theme is also reflected in the decoration.


3 The dance gift should come from the heart!

Always remember: gifts are not only given with brains, but above all with heart. Don’t be tactless by giving a loved one something impersonal. After all, you don’t want to disappoint anyone, do you? Put effort and thought into it!


4 How much should gifts for dancers cost?

From very expensive to extremely inexpensive – when it comes to gifts, everything is included. Of course, it’s up to you which price range you finally decide on. But one thing is certain: it is often better to spend a little more money. After all, it should be a gift with quality.


5 Conclusion

If the gift hunt brings you to your knees, don’t despair – just limbo. Once you’ve understood all our tips in theory, all you have to do is put them into practice. So head for the shops or the internet. You won’t have to search for long now. You’ll see just how wide a dancer’s grin can be when you present him with your gift.


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