The best gifts for runners

Running is one of those things, you either love it or you hate it. You know someone who is one of the first kind and has a birthday soon? Or is there a similar occasion where you are looking for a present for a runner?Then you have come to the right place, on this page you will find the best gifts for runners.


Running accessories gifts for runners

Running should be fun – the better equipped you are, the more you enjoy it. That’s why practical gadgets are especially suitable as gifts for runners. For example, there are running gloves with touch function – to be able to check one’ s fitness watch or smartphone while running even in cold temperatures. Of course, there is also a large number of accessories to keep everything safe with you while you give your best on the track. For example, there are wristbands to store smartphones, key holders, slim belts with space for cell phones, headphones, power bars, etc., or lightweight water backpacks to stay hydrated. Also very useful are gadgets for the running shoes – small slip-on spikes for a firm grip in winter or practical gaiters to prevent small stones from entering the shoes in summer. In addition, it is always important to be visible to others, so there are some ways to make yourself noticeable with light. As you can see, there are many possibilities of practical gifts for runners – get inspired by our ideas 🙂


Energy booster as presents for runners

The most important thing when running is the energy supply. Therefore, runners should always have enough energy in all forms at home or with them. Suitable for this purpose are bars, balls, protein bars, and so on. A supply of energy, possibly in combination with a practical form belt to take the bars with you, is the perfect gift for a passionate runner.


Smart gadgets as gifts for runners

Our world is getting smarter and smarter – and so are running accessories. A fitness watch is already indispensable for many runners. Is your acquaintance a beginner and doesn’t have a smartwatch yet, or does he or she need a new watch once again? Then this is the right gift! For an even more accurate measurement of heart rate, a chest strap is suitable – a must-have for all runners who want to optimize training. And to get going there are special headphones for runners – without annoying cables and with a perfect fit. So with these gifts, you’re right on target.


T-shirts for runners

Something to wear always goes as a gift. All the better if the hobby is included. Of course, you can find enough T-shirts, hoodies, etc. for runners – we have selected the most beautiful for you:


Cups for runners

But first coffee! Many runners enjoy the quiet morning hours for a training run. A sip of energy from a mug with a motivational saying is perfect before training. Accordingly, also a suitable gift from you to a runner!


Training equipment as a gift for runners

Unfortunately, there are not only sunny days – but even a rainy, cold day is no excuse for true runners, there are plenty of opportunities to train at home! Maybe your friend has always dreamed of an indoor treadmill (which is also space-saving!)? Or even the currently trendy vibration plates are great for working out at home. If you’re looking for an inexpensive gift that still allows your friend to work out at home, a sling trainer, for example, is the right choice.


Book gifts for runners

Simply going for a run without giving it much thought is not necessarily wrong. It is healthy and strengthens the cardiovascular system. However, if you want to take a closer look at this sport and optimally increase your performance, you should read up a bit. There is a lot of literature available to help you get the most out of your training in a structured way. If you want to give something like this to your friend, we have picked out the books with the best ratings:


Food and running

A healthy lifestyle consists of a balanced diet and plenty of exercise. These two things are therefore inseparable. Thus, it makes absolute sense to make sure that the diet is appropriate for an adequate workout. These three books are designed to help the recipient balance these two things:


After sport

If you train hard, you deserve some spoiling time. There are numerous things you can give a runner to relax and regenerate muscles after training. There are plenty of massage tools, for example, athletes love to use massage guns to loosen muscles. Fascia rollers are also suitable tools to make muscles smooth and dissolve fascia adhesions. For general relaxation, acupuncture mats are wonderful (we speak from our own experience 😉 ) or relaxation baths. For tired feet, you can give your runner friend a foot bath, a vibration massage plate or a foot roller massager, for example.


1 How to find the right gift for runners

To make someone happy, you have many options. But finding just the right thing is often not that easy in practice. To make the process of finding a gift for runners a little easier, we have come up with a little guide for you. At the very beginning you should think about some factors of your gift. You should be clear about the following things:

1.1 Occasion

There are various occasions where you need a gift. The classic one is of course the birthday of the runner. But also other situations require to think about a gift for a runner. Be it retirement – because then you clearly have more time to devote to your hobby, or as a small thank you for a special person – here too you are happy about something useful for your hobby. You should think about these things before you look for a gift – the occasion decides what kind of gift you give and of course the money you spend on it.

1.2 Budget

Next, you need to think about how much you want to spend on the gift. The occasion and the budget are closely linked – the bigger the occasion, the more you should plan to spend. For example, your budget should be higher for a decadal birthday than for a small thank-you gift. How much you spend in the end is of course up to you and your personal circumstances. The most important thing is not the price, but that you have thought about something and that it comes from the heart. 

1.3 Preferences

Once you have clarity on the first two points, you can start thinking about the personal nature of your gift recipient. That he or she loves running is obvious, otherwise you wouldn’t have ended up here 😉 – but you can still think about how the person is besides that. Is it rather a humorous person? An ambitious person? Has this person ever made a wish about running? Go inside yourself and find out these things. For example, funny contemporaries would fit t-shirts or mugs with sayings quite well, for the goal-oriented among us suit more useful gadgets or informative books that make running more efficient. Or does the person love cozy, relaxing evenings after an intense workout? Then brighten up the person’s time by gifting them a great wellness product. As you can see, not every runner is the same – depending on their character, you can tailor your gift to them.

1.4 Time

Likewise, the time factor also significantly influences the decision of your gift. Do you still have a few weeks until you need the gift? Perfect – then you can really think in peace, with which you give a runner a joy. You can also think about the way you will present your gift. If time is pressing, then choose a suitable gift from our suggestions, put it in the shopping basket, deliver it, wrap it and give it away. For quite spontaneous gifts are of course also vouchers. These do not necessarily have to be impersonal – here you also have to consider what preferences the recipient has and in which direction the voucher should go. The advantage of a voucher is, of course, that the recipient can choose the perfect gift himself in the end.


2 The best gifts for runners

Useful running accessories

Let’s face it, running is not always fun. Sometimes you don’t have the motivation you need because your headphones are constantly slipping, your shoes are pinching, you’re sweating or thirsty, your phone is slipping, your keys are jingling in your pocket and bouncing up and down, little stones in your shoes are giving you super great blisters on your feet, and and and… For all these annoying circumstances, there are great things that can make running just 100% more enjoyable. So if you’re looking for a gift for a runner, you can make their running experience much better with a useful running accessory. For example, there are headbands or caps with built-in headphones – protection from the cold and inspiring music all in one! Alternatively, you can buy your friend some practical accessories for shoes. Maybe you’re thinking, what can you improve about running shoes? Well, quite a few! For example, you can buy gaiters, which are tied over the shoes to give annoying, sharp stones no chance to get into the shoes. Furthermore, you can use spikes to put over your shoes to have a secure grip on slippery, possibly icy terrain. Other useful gifts which will definitely please your runner friend: some gadgets to have important things with oneself during the running tour. Arm loops, tube belts, fixings for keys – this list could go on and on. Or, keep your friend hydrated by giving them a hydration backpack or hydration vest. This is truly worth a mint on a hot training day. The list of useful gifts for runners could go on forever, so it’s best to get inspired by our collection of ideas above!

Energy booster
A hard workout demands a lot of energy. All the better if you offer your friend the possibility to always have a little energy kick ready. Maybe your friend already has a favorite bar, then give him a whole supply box of them. Or you can let him try out some different bars packed in a box. No matter which option you choose, every runner can use an extra energy boost.

Smart gadgets
Smart accessories are suitable for training optimization. A smartwatch, for example, is equipped with active tracking, heart rate measurement, and so on. The possibilities in the smart world are unlimited. The better the equipment, the more efficient the training can be. Of course, if you can help your runner friend do that, it’s an especially great gift. 

The right clothes belong to every sport. And who can say they have enough clothes hanging in their wardrobe? That’s right – no one! Therefore, it is always a good idea to give a runner some good running clothes. With a matching outfit, the right running shoes, cool sports socks and or warming running scarves, nothing stands in the way of a good workout.

Decorative items
Especially if you have participated in a marathon, you are proud of your achievement. For this reason, there are many storage options for medals – do you want to show the recipient how proud you are of him then give him such a gift. But those medal hangers are not the only decorative items for runners – pictures, posters, signs – for runners there is so much material for a nicer home.

T-shirts and mugs
T-shirts and mugs are items that are in daily use. Why not use this fact for a gift? You can thus give your friend a little motivation boost every day with a saying on a mug or a T-shirt!

Indoor training equipment
If your budget for the gift is a little bigger, you have the possibility to give your recipient a great pleasure on rainy days. A treadmill is a great option to keep the workout going even on days when the weather isn’t cooperating at all. Also, other home exercise equipment can help runners improve performance – so even cold days can be used to boost performance. Of course, if your budget doesn’t allow for an expensive piece of training equipment as a gift, there’s nothing wrong with that. There are also plenty of inexpensive alternatives that you can use to unleash great enthusiasm.

Running books
Literature is a wonderful way to expand your knowledge on certain topics. Do you know a runner who goes jogging every now and then, but doesn’t get beyond his tried and tested running routes? Or who simply wants to get more out of running? Then give him a book to broaden his running experience. He will surely be happy about new tips, structured plans and helpful ideas to finally reach his goals.

Nutrition and running
It is also essential to eat well in order to improve your performance. There are books that combine valuable recipes and useful tricks for running. With these, you can help your friend optimise his running training. Another great gift for an ambitious runner.

After sport
After the training is before the training! Reason enough to use this time perfectly to regenerate the muscles, joints and cardiovascular system. You can help your well-known runner by giving him a gift for relaxation after training. Give them a bath set with muscle-relaxing bath salts, a bubble foot bath, a variety of massage products or full-body relaxation gift sets, such as acupuncture mats or different fascia rollers for the whole body. Possibilities upon possibilities – these things are at least as important as the actual training! And you will see that your friend will be grateful.