The best gifts for farmers

When a farmer has something to celebrate, the farm, house, friends, acquaintances and relatives come together. If you’re also part of the party, you’ll probably need a gift. But finding the right one is not always easy. So that you do not have too much difficulty, we are here for you. On this page we present you – in our opinion – the best gifts for farmers. If you do not like any of our selected products, you will certainly find something in our gift ideas for farmers that you can give your favorite farmer with a clear conscience. 


Fancy gifts for farmers / peasants

Crazy chickens run around not only on a farm. Often, the farmer himself is also a very freaky person. If the latter is the case, you definitely need a fancy gift for him. A few ideas: old but gold are, for example, colorful suspenders with print.


Coffee mugs for farmers / peasants

Before heading out to the barn early in the morning, of course, you have to have a hearty breakfast. After all, a hard-working farmer needs a lot of energy for the day. So what must not be missing from the table is the soothing coffee. This tastes best from a beautiful cup with matching farm sayings or motifs. 


Personalized gifts for farmers

Gifts with that certain something are always well received. Fortunately, nowadays you have the possibility to individualize and personalize many products. A few examples: Water, beer, wine and shot glasses, ashtrays, lighters, caps, caps or cutting boards.


Geschenke für Landwirte & Bauern - Das solltest du wissen!

Farmers and peasants are sometimes not only unique in terms of their way of life and views, they are also very particular when it comes to the subject of gifts. But you don’t have to worry. With our help, you’re sure to find the right one for everyone out there. 

  • Not in the barn, not in the tool shed, not in the field, not in the forest – but on the Internet or in a store you will find what you are looking for.
  • Of course, you should set out on your search with a plan and a goal. Check a few aspects in advance: “What occasion is coming up? How much money do you want to invest? How old will the farmer be? What does he need? What does he like?”
  • Before you turn to the farmer / peasant and ask him what he would like – better go to acquaintances or relatives and ask them for help!
  • In the huge assortment of gifts you will find many things: Useful, extravagant, cool, unique. Here you have the free choice to let off steam. Just make sure you don’t buy unnecessary junk!

1 How to find the right gift for farmers / peasants

“One cow makes moo, many cows make trouble” – You probably know this well-known saying. What could theoretically also cause you trouble? The search for the right gift for a farmer or peasant. However, the emphasis here is only on “theoretically”. If you keep a few things in mind, you’ll have no trouble finding the right gift. Use our handy guide as a reference:

1.1 Budget

Money is one of the most important factors when it comes to buying gifts. Think carefully how much you want to spend on a nice present. The market offers you both expensive and inexpensive products for farmers and growers. Especially online stores make your search much easier. Here it is possible to set a fixed price range. The filter function then does the rest for you. Browsing through various brochures is somewhat more awkward. But who knows… maybe you’ll find a great deal there, too.

1.2 Occasion

For what occasion should the best gift in the world be? Is your favorite farmer celebrating his (round) birthday? Are you invited to his Christmas or Easter? Should the gift be just a small attention for no reason? Think about why you are going on the search! 

1.3 Age

You must also consider the age of the farmer. Logically, you can’t give a 50-year-old the same gift as a 12-year-old. Thank goodness the trade offers you a variety of gift options – suitable for every age group.

1.4 Person

If you know the person for whom the gift should be well, you will know what he likes. After all, even a die-hard farmer has other hobbies far from his daily activities on the farm. If you know what the farmer likes to do in his spare time, it will be easier for you to find a gift. 

1.5 Demand

Is there something that your favorite farmer currently needs but does not yet have in his possession? Why not activate your brain cells for a moment and think? If you have an idea, turn your focus to it when you’re on the Internet or in the store.  


2 The best gift ideas for farmers / peasants

Farmers live in a land of milk and honey: good meat, fresh milk, eggs from happy chickens, vegetables and fruit from their own garden. Prepared properly, everything tastes even better. So equip your favorite person with a few things to help them cook: A new pan with a special coating so that nothing can burn; a high-quality knife set for meat and fish; a wooden or ceramic cutting board with a personal engraving. Delicious spices and home cooking cookbooks also make excellent gifts for farmers.

“What the farmer doesn’t know, he doesn’t eat.” – There is a spark of truth behind this. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give your favorite farmer a food basket. Maybe you shouldn’t fill it with salami, bacon and cheese. After all, the farmer himself has enough of them at home. But what is allowed in it: noble nut mixtures, sweet dried fruits, high-quality honey, exquisite wine, melt-in-the-mouth chocolates or other sweets.

House, barn, tool shed, tractor and car – a key is needed for pretty much everything on the farm. What must not be missing on the key rings is a visual eye-catcher: a key chain. It is the perfect gift for every farmer. You can buy pendants made of leather, plastic, wood or metal with many different motifs. The models can often also be personalized.  

If you work hard all day, you’ll look forward to an evening shower or bath. If your favorite farmer is a little water enthusiast, you should give him something for the bathroom. How about a good-smelling natural cosmetic shampoo? Bath salts and oils that provide relaxation are also great gift options. What the farmer may not have yet either: A soft terry towel with his name embroidered on it.

A farmer often spends the long day in the field. But probably not with plow and ox, but at the tractor. Even though today’s modern tractor seats are already very comfortable… you can always make them more comfortable. Your favorite farmer will be 100 percent happy if you give him a massage seat cover. A smartphone holder, a drink holder or a mountable table for the steering wheel also provide more comfort at work – perfect for the lunch break.

Farmers also like to read – if they can find the time. If your favorite person is a bookworm, you know what you can do to please him. Of course, you should know what genre he is interested in. If you are at a loss on this point, don’t worry. You usually can’t go wrong with books like “Total Tractor” or “John Deere Century”. 

A modern farmer is also into technical stuff that makes work easier. A very useful gift is an electronic weather station with an integrated rain gauge. After all, anyone who grows fruit, vegetables and cereals must always be informed about the current weather situation. Another gadget to give as a gift is a minilab.

Everyone likes to feel comfortable in their own home, right? Decoration ensures that the look is even more beautiful. In a farmhouse, bed linen, upholstery, table mats, napkins and flower pots definitely make a difference. Especially if they have rural style motifs on them. A screw man milking cows or driving a tractor will also look very great.


3 The gift should come from the heart!

In the end, it doesn’t matter what you choose and what kind of gift you give to your favorite farmer. The most important thing is that it comes from the heart. That’s why it’s never wrong to think ahead when it comes to finding the perfect gift.  It’s best to listen to your heart when making your choice.


4 How much should gifts for farmers / peasants cost?

Because there are almost no limits to the price ranges, it is not always so easy to calculate with your budget. A gift may be more expensive, but it does not necessarily have to be. Best, you always tune the whole thing to the respective person and the upcoming occasion. If your favorite farmer has something big to celebrate, you should not let yourself down.


5 Conclusion

Searched, found, bought – that’s how fast, easy and painless a gift search can be. Assuming you’ve prepared for it in advance. Otherwise, it’s more like looking for a needle in a haystack. But if you follow our tips, it shouldn’t be a problem. I’m sure that the farmer who receives the gift will be as happy as a snow, er, barn king as soon as you press your gift into his hands. 


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