The best sauna accessories / Gifts for sauna lovers!

Hot, hotter, sauna. If you like heat and steam, the sweat bath is the place to be. If an enthusiastic sauna-goer from your circle is planning a party in the near future, you should start looking for the right sauna accessories. Searching for it among the numerous offers has nothing to do with wellness. But if you want to take a relaxed approach to your shopping trip, turn to us. With our tips, you will find the right gift for the sauna lover – and hopefully without breaking a sweat.


Useful sauna accessories

Let’s think… What might a person need to pay regular visits to the sauna? A sauna session is only complete when you are equipped accordingly with the best sauna accessories. Thankfully, there is a wide range of products to choose from: whether it’s a sauna ladle, sauna infusion bucket, fragrant massage oils, comfortable headrest, sauna towel, sauna gift set, dressing gown or slippers – you’ll find everything in the shops that makes saunas more relaxing.


Funny gifts for sauna lovers

The funniest sauna gift is a statement shirt with a funny saying. There are countless of these to buy. Mugs and glasses that also have something to do with the sauna theme are also popular. A squeaky duck, a terry towel in a stuffed animal look or a mini bathrobe for a (beer) bottle would also be ideal sauna accessories.


Clothing accessories for sauna lovers

Taking a sauna in your clothes is not a good idea. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give a passionate sauna-goer any clothes. Who are the evergreens among these gifts? That’s right: slippers, bathrobes and sauna towels. Thank goodness you don’t have to resort to off-the-peg 0815 products. With many manufacturers, you can have the sauna accessories you would like to give as a gift made according to your wishes. Decide which colour model XY should have and whether an stitched name or saying goes well with the rest or not.


Gifs for sauna lovers - Everything you should know

Not everyone likes saunas. Understandably so. Many people find the strong steam, heat and sweat unpleasant. If you too say “No!” to going to the sauna, that’s no problem. As long as you know what to give a sauna fan, everything is fine. You’ll find the right gift if you follow our (sauna) rules.

  • You will hardly find the right sauna accessories in the sauna itself. But you will find it in local or online shops. Seek and you shall find.
  • In any case, the sauna gift for the sauna-goer must be of high quality. Or do you want it to break right away?
  • If you give something really unique, the recipient will be twice as happy. It’s a good thing that many products can be personalised by the manufacturer.
  • Just buy without a plan? Please don’t. First, consider the following questions: “What is the occasion and who is the person? Should the sauna gift be for the big or small purse? How old is the sauna-lover? How often does he spend time in the steam bath? What does he like to use? Does he currently need something new?”
  • The temperature control on your gift ideas points to zero? Doesn’t matter. What are other people or the internet for? Getting useful information can’t be that sweaty.
  • As a DIY fan, you can let off steam creatively. With your talents, you can certainly make a great present for your sauna friend.

1 How to find the right gift for sauna lovers

Do the hot temperatures and steam in the sauna stress you out? Well, then you’ve obviously never lost yourself in the big wide world of sauna gifts. That is real stress. Because many people don’t know what to do in their time of need, they end up giving person XY only money in an envelope. You’d better not copy that! Uniqueness is not a given here. To make your shopping trip and your search for the perfect gift for a sauna-lover feel like a holiday in the spa, we have written a little guide for you.

1.1 Budget

First, check your wallet or bank balance. Done? Okay. Then you know roughly how much money you can spend on the sauna accessory. But how much you want to invest is a different question. It’s good that there are both expensive and inexpensive purchase options in the range. By the way, there are often promotions where you can save money. 

1.2 Age

For children, taking a sauna is usually boring and not the best thing to do from a health point of view. Young people also usually have other hobbies than relaxing in the sauna. That’s why it’s relatively easy for you to choose a gift. You can give an adult sauna-goer many different kinds of gifts that he or she will definitely be able to use.

1.3 Gender

The sauna is for everyone. However, you often have to consider the gender of the person you want to give a gift to. A real beauty queen, for example, is more likely to enjoy body care and cosmetic products than a man.


2 The best gift ideas for sauna lovers!

Chocolate in the sauna? If you’ve ever done this before, you know that it ended badly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t give a sauna-lover a chocolatey treat. After all, you can still enjoy something sweet after a visit to the sauna. High-quality chocolates, wine gums or dried fruit are suitable for this. Salty snacks are also very popular with sauna-goers: crisps, salt sticks, crackers. After all, it makes sense to quickly refill the salt that has been sweated out.

A little wine, sparkling wine, beer and schnapps relaxes you, but combining alcohol with saunas is not advisable. Alcohol has no place in the body either before, during or immediately after a sauna session. Otherwise your circulation could collapse. You don’t want to harm a loved one, do you? If you still want to give a wellness drink as a gift, go for non-alcoholic products. In the meantime, there are already very tasty alternatives on the market. Otherwise: Drinks with alcohol can also be consumed away from the sauna.

Sauna gift set
What a passionate wellness fan would undoubtedly also be happy about: A sauna gift set filled with everything you need for a sauna session. You can buy some of these sauna gift sets ready-made – or you can do it yourself. In any case, a sauna gift set should include a soft towel, special essential (massage) oils, fragrant sea salt scrubs, a massage roller made of high-quality wood, an infusion ladle, a thermometer and a soothing body lotion for afterwards.

Wellness reading
Do you want person XY to stay relaxed for a long time after taking a sauna? Then go to the (online) bookstore. You should find something readable (books or magazines) here. Keep in mind, however, that everyone has different preferences when it comes to genre. So find out in advance what your sauna friend likes to read in his or her free time.

“Do it yourself!” – that is the motto of a talented and creative person. If you are also someone who likes to do everything yourself, then your time has come. But you lack ideas? Don’t despair, ask us.

  • Salz-scrub: Take a nice canning jar and fill it with a sea salt of your choice. Add a little almond oil or shea butter, a few drops of a precious essential oil of your choice, mix everything together and your personal sauna mixture is ready.
  • Terry-Animal: A terry towel can be transformed into a cute little stuffed animal in no time at all. A few deft moves and the sauna towel is folded up. With a few accessories you can embellish the whole thing.

The best sauna gimmick
One sauna accessoire that not every sauna-lover owns is the sauna hat. Actually, everyone should have one at home. You ask yourself: “What is this? Why do you need one?” We explain it to you quite simply: although it is already hot enough in the steam bath, many people wear a sauna hat made of rabbit / wool felt or linen. It protects the sensitive head from the extreme heat in the sauna. If the person you are giving a gift to does not yet have a sauna hat, it is high time to give them one. You can find this accessory in the shops in many different variations – of course you can also have them personalised.

Wellness holiday
Not for the faint-hearted, but an unforgettable experience for all involved: a wellness holiday in a spa hotel including a visit to the sauna. Who wouldn’t be happy about a relaxing weekend? If you don’t want to / can’t finance this mega gift all by yourself, then ask others if they would like to contribute. Maybe some guests don’t know what to give the celebrated sauna lover yet.


3 How much should gifts for sauna lovers cost?

Expensive or cheap? That is the question here. Expensive doesn’t have to mean good, but no one wants really cheap stuff that isn’t actually worth anything. The quality of the sauna gift is always in the foreground. By the way, you should make the price dependent on the occasion. Is the upcoming celebration big or rather “unimportant”?


4 The sauna gift should come from the heart!

The more ambition you put into the search for a gift and the longer you study the preferences of the sauna visitor, the better the final result will be received. A personal gift with character has a much higher value than a product that you just picked up in passing.


5 The best and funniest sauna sayings

  • In the sauna you see people as God created them and McDonald’s formed them.
  • I don’t need therapy. I just need to go to the sauna.
  • Nobody is perfect. But as a sauna master, you’re damn close.

6 Conclusion

There you go. Now that we’ve given you lots of tips and gift ideas about saunas, all you have to do is put the theory into practice. You should now know what you can surprise a sauna lover with. So go to the shop, go online or do it yourself at home. No matter what you end up with, the most important thing is that the gift comes from the heart, is original, useful and pleases the recipient.


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