The best gifts for cat lovers

Meow! Mankind can be roughly divided into two groups: cat lovers and those disadvantaged by life. Probably everyone who owns a little furry nose or loves the sweet little paws without currently owning a cat can relate to these words. Cats have a very unique nature, and it is precisely because of this strong character that they have so many fans. Naturally, cat lovers will do anything to make their little ones feel good and are happy about everything that has to do with cats. For this reason, we at 365 Presents have put together the perfect gifts for cat lovers and presented them clearly for you.


Useful gifts for cat lovers

Practical gifts for cat lovers are particularly popular, as they can also be used in everyday life. Here you will find a small but fine selection. 


Funny cat gifts for the cat - Cat toys

Most cat lovers also have a cat of their own. Many of them are most happy when their own cat is happy. So what could be better than an awesome toy for the cat? 


Gifts for cat lovers - Everything you should know!

If you are looking for gifts for someone who talks about cats all the time, you can almost not go wrong with our gift ideas for cat lovers. Of course, you have to distinguish whether the person for whom the gift is intended has cats themselves or is simply a big fan of cats. In the second case, of course, a toy, a bed or even a food bowl for the cat is rather inappropriate.

  • Gifts made especially for cat lovers can be found in many different online shops. You can also find them in special local shops such as Fressnapf, marketplaces and flea markets. There are also other sites in this area that specialise in gifts. You can also find good ideas on social networks like TikTok, Instagram or Pinterest.
  • To find the best gift, you must first ask yourself the following questions: Do you want to give a gift to the cat lover himself or to his cat? What budget do you have available? Should the gift be practical, funny, personal or informative? The occasion (Christmas, the cat’s birthday …) can also play an important role.
  • Whether toys for the cat, practical aids, awesome scratching posts, decorations, cat clothing, informative books or fun gifts – if you search, you will find.

1 Find the perfect present for cat lovers!

The choice on the internet for presents is huge and gets even bigger with almost every passing day. But you can also find suitable products at many larger food retailers and specialised shops. In order to keep the search clear for you, we have decided to present you with selected products in this article. With our featured products, we make sure that the quality of the products is good and that the feedback from customers is very positive. In the following sub-chapters, you will also find numerous other helpful tips and tricks for your search for the perfect gift!

1.1 Budget

As mentioned above, budget can play an important role in gift selection. You just want to give someone with a new cat a little present? Then, of course, a cat tree with three floors is a bit excessive. In this article we show you different ideas for different budgets. Other online shops also make your search easier. For example, with online shops like Amazon you can easily select how much the gift should cost and only receive relevant products. Of course, this saves a lot of time and possibly also money!

1.2 Occasion

After the budget has been clarified, the occasion also plays an important role. For example, it may be that a good friend has got a new cat. In this case, you can of course make this person very happy with practical gifts such as a food bowl, toys or a scratching post. However, it may of course also be that you want to give a gift to a cat lover who does not have a cat of their own. In this case, we would recommend more general items such as a funny cat mug or a T-shirt with a cat motif.

1.3 Preferences of the cat lover

For the best gift, it is also an advantage if you know the person you are giving the gift to well and can also estimate what they would be happy about. Maybe it helps if you think about common experiences. Did you experience something special together? Remember, look at old photos or videos. Maybe you will find a good idea this way. If that doesn’t help, you can also ask friends and acquaintances for ideas. Often it is a conversation with another person that gives you the decisive clue. In many cases, you can also link many hobbies to the topic of cats. Does someone love coffee and cats at the same time? Then a cat coffee mug is a perfect match!

1.4 Domestic cat or outdoor cat

If you decide on a gift where the cat will benefit the most, it can also play an important role whether the gift is for an outdoor cat or for an indoor cat. For example, outdoor cats are less likely to use a scratching post, which makes it less suitable as a gift. In this case, a personalised collar would be better.

1.5 Gift vouchers

Many have a rather negative opinion of gift vouchers. They are often labelled as impersonal. Of course, you can buy vouchers almost everywhere and often they are already packaged, but it is still a present that almost always fits very well, isn’t it? After all, who can decide better than me which decorative object fits in my house, which book I want to read or which toy is suitable for my cat? In our opinion, vouchers are not always a bad thing. Especially for people you don’t know that well, vouchers are an excellent gift.


2 The best gift ideas for cat lovers

2.1 Presents for cat lovers

Keeping a cat must also be learned. Fortunately, there are many suitable guides and information books. But even if it’s something fun, you’re sure to find the right book.

T-shirts, hoodies, caps, socks & Co. You think the person you’re giving the gift to can’t get enough of cats? Give them the perfect cat look with cat clothing.

Everyday objects
Everyday objects are always needed everywhere. Sometimes, however, they are just a bit boring. For this reason, there are now many items that have been specially developed for cat lovers. A cat mug for a good start in the morning or a cat doormat to welcome guests. No matter what you have in mind, there is almost always a matching cat item!

Fun gifts
Of course, you can also give something unusual as a gift. How about a cat money box and a baking mat for delicious paw biscuits?

2.2 Gifts for the cat

Almost every young cat, but also one or two older cats, are playful. In the past, a simple string was used as a tool, but today there is a huge selection of fancy toys. The agony of choice here is between different play animals that awaken the hunting instinct and other aids that guarantee a fun time with the cat. Especially when the owners are at work during the day, the cat has a nice pastime on its own.

Catnip can be used in many ways. Among other things, it has a calming effect on nervous animals and generally has a euphoric effect on cats.

Scratching trees
Scratching posts also serve several purposes. On the one hand, they keep cats fit to a certain extent, help with claw care and offer a place that the cat can mark as its territory. On the other hand, a scratching post also serves as protection for other pieces of furniture, which should ideally not be scratched.

Feeding bowls
For optimal care of cats, appropriate food bowls for the animal are also relevant. Besides the design, it is also important that the cat has different bowls available for both water and food.

Cat beds
The cat bed or cat cave is every cat’s favourite place. Since cats sleep most of the time anyway, a cat bed is also almost a MUST for every cat owner. For this reason, a cat bed is of course also an ideal gift for cat lovers.

2.3 Personal gifts

Personalised gifts
From a handmade personalised felt bag for the vaccination certificate to a personalised collar or wooden sign. In the area of gifts for cat lovers, there are enough possibilities for a very personal gift.


3 The gift for cat lovers should come from the heart

The most important thing is to really think about what the person you are giving the gift to will like and what they could really use.

There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to gifts for cat lovers. Anything that has a personal connection and comes from the heart has great value. If you are good at handicrafts, you could also make the gift yourself with a little skill or embellish or personalise something you have bought.


4 How much should gifts for cat lovers cost?

Of course, there is no one right answer. How you choose your budget depends, of course, on the occasion for which you want to give a gift and your relationship to that person. If you just want to give someone a little joy, a small gift is of course enough. For a good friend, family or life partner and an appropriate occasion, you can of course dig a little deeper into your pocket. First and foremost, it is not the cost of the gift that counts, but the fact that the gift comes from the heart and is useful for the cat lover or cat. Often, gifts that you have made yourself are also excellent!


5 Conclusion

Finding the perfect gift for a cat lover is never easy. But with our ideas and tips on how to find the perfect present, we’re sure you’ll put a smile on the other person’s face!

Just give enough thought to how much money you want to spend, what the person to be gifted likes and what wishes they have expressed in the past. In addition, you can also think about whether you could just give something to the cat. If a cat is happy, the owner is happy too. If you really don’t know what to do in an emergency, ask the person for whom the gift should be what they would like. Alternatively, you can talk to friends and acquaintances about it. Good luck with your gift search!


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