The best gifts for handball players!

Handball is a popular team sport. If you’re passionate about chasing a ball and scoring one goal after another, you can hardly imagine life without this sport. If you know someone who is a fanatic, you might be in trouble when occasion XY comes around the corner – unless you are a handball player or fan yourself. After all, you want to score with a gift that meets the taste of a handball player, right? But you can only find the right gift if you look for it specifically and pay attention to a few things. We will help you with that!


Funny presents for handball players

Handball presents that will make anyone smile or laugh are easy to find. Have you thought about bringing a piñata in the shape of a handball to a party? Or: How about a letter opener in the shape of a keychain, a shot glass, a mug, a cup or a cutting board with a funny handball motive or phrase?


Presents for handball players - Everything you should know!

Understand a handball player and his sport? You don’t have to. But what you do have to do if you want to give him a present for occasion XY: Think about the perfect gift if you want the surprise to be big. But if you, as a non-handballer and non-fan, plunge into the large assortment on the market without any game strategy, you will quickly lose your desire if you don’t immediately find the right thing. 

  • Do not give up: if you search specifically and with ambition, you will find something 100% in sports shops or online in your search for the best gift.
  • The quality of your souvenir plays a major role. In addition, you should make sure that you give the handball player something unique and, above all, useful.
  • If you don’t want to complicate your gift search unnecessarily, ask yourself in advance: “How special is the occasion? What price range should the gift be in? How old is the handball player? How long, how often and with how much passion does he practice his sport? What are the personal preferences of the person in question?”
  • Your friends, acquaintances and relatives are more knowledgeable about handball than you are? That’s perfect. If you run out of ideas for the right gift, you can ask for their help. You can also get inspired on the Internet (e.g. on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or here with us).
  • If you can’t find anything you can buy, then get to work yourself: you can also conjure up a nice souvenir on your own with a little baking, doodling, scratching, sawing, screwing, color-scratching or knotting. Homemade is always well received because it comes from the heart. 

1 How to find the right present for handball players

Actually, buying a gift for occasion XY would be so easy. All you have to do is take a sports store voucher, put it in any envelope and that’s it. But since the whole thing has nothing to do with a personal gift, I strongly advise you not to do it. Asking the handball player what he would like is also a bad idea. Before you completely despair, seek advice from others who know the sport of handball well. Or even easier, follow our tips. If you pay attention to a few aspects and put them into practice, finding the perfect gift for a handball player should no longer be a problem. 

1.1 Budget

First and foremost, take a look at your piggy bank, bank account, or in your wallet. Ask yourself, “How much money am I willing to put on the table for this gift?” It is advisable to adjust the amount of the price to the occasion for which you need the gift. In short, the more important the occasion, the more money you can or should spend. After all, stinginess is a bad trait. A nice attention, for example, a “small thank you gift” but does not have to cost the world.  

1.2 Favorite club / team

Someone who is interested in handball or is a player himself also has a club or team that he admires. It would therefore be good to know who the person for whom the gift should be, is a fan. Because: cool fan articles of club or team XY you will find with certainty if you look for it. You may also be able to get a ticket for the next handball game that the favorite team is about to play.

1.3 Age

“How old is the handball player I’m going to give a present to? Is he 5, 10, 15, 30 or over 60 years old?” – this question you need to clarify in advance. The information about age is not negligible when it comes to your present selection. Or do you think that a little boy / girl can do something with a personalized beer mug?


2 The best gift ideas for handball players!

If the handball player you’re looking a gift for won’t say no to sweets, you’re in luck. Give him a delicious chocolate in the shape of a handball or a cup. If you can find something gummy in the shape of a handball, you can go for that too. All kinds of bars are also popular with athletes – they’re great energy boosters for when you’re on the go. If you want to outdo yourself, fire up the oven and let the pastry chef in you come out. With a homemade handball cake, a few cookies, donuts or muffins, which you decorate with pretty motifs (handball, player, goal, field, etc.), you can amaze every handball player. All you need for this: The right ingredients, creativity and know-how. If you lack the latter, then go to the master. Let a real pastry chef make you something delicious!

Fine drops
Sports and alcohol are only compatible to a limited extent, but even a handball player will drink wine, beer or schnapps from time to time. If you want to buy one or the other noble drop in the form of a gift, then turn to manufacturers who know something about their craft. Say “Yes!” to special editions and “No!” to cheap hooch that is nothing special!

Do-it-yourself things
Do you have special talents? Drawing, painting, handicrafts, carpentry or textile work? Then make your own idea of the best gift in the world for a handball player. How about a beautifully painted handball that could be used for decoration? How about a homemade cushion or scarf with the logo of your favorite handball team? Can you manage to create a wooden keychain in the shape of a handball? No matter what you have in mind – creativity and skill are needed!

Before you give away some amount of money in an envelope, do it more elegantly: You coordinate with other people who will also be attending the upcoming event. Together you can finance a really great gift – namely a fan trip to the next match of the handball player’s favorite team. It’s up to you whether you also want to be part of the excursion.

Kitchen Crims Stuff
If the handball player likes to move not only on the court, but also in his kitchen, buy him a cooking apron, cutting board, napkins, plates, beer mug or cup. You’re sure to find something handball-themed. Other options for chefs and grill masters: cookbooks, grilling and kitchen tools, spices. Then he can immediately invite his team to dinner after the next game.

Useful Gadgets
If you don’t want to be shown a red card by the handballer when you present your gift, then stay away from useless junk! After all, there are enough useful gadgets that can really be used. For example, all things that belong in a sports bag are suitable as a souvenir: Microfiber towel, thermal water bottle, lunch box, shower gel, cooling sports creams, etc.

Handball players who want to have more than just sportswear in their wardrobe will also be happy to receive fashionable gifts. Perfect would be shirts, hoodies, jackets, pants or socks. Of course, it is also allowed to give accessories in the form of wallets, belts, bracelets, watches, earrings or necklaces.

Home sweet home. If you know the handball player well and you know he’s into decorating stuff, help him spruce up the inside of his house. Gift him with handballer-style decorative items. You’re sure to find fluffy comforters and pillows, sets and services for the kitchen table, mugs, glasses, flower pots, picture frames (including a photo), or ashtrays in stores.


3 How much should presents for handball players cost?

Whether you want to spend a lot or a little money on the gift is up to you. It should be said, however, that it is not chic to be a miser, especially when a special occasion is coming up (for example, a milestone birthday or Christmas). You must always consider a gift as a token of appreciation. On the other hand, you don’t have to head off your piggy bank for mini gifts that only serve the purpose of a little attention.


4 The handball gift should come from the heart!

But what good does it do the handball player to be presented with the most expensive gift in the world if he knows full well that it doesn’t actually come from the heart. You must never neglect this inconspicuous factor when it comes to gift-giving. If you just bought your gift quickly and thoughtlessly according to the motto “the main thing is expensive”, then the shot could possibly backfire.


5 Conclusion

After a long, nerve-racking and exhausting game, you have won the match – now you are in possession of the appropriate gift, which you can present to your friend handball player. If you have found something unique for him, you can be sure that his teammates will surely give him envious looks. But the best reward for winning the game is not a trophy – it’s the smile that you will bring to the face of your loved one with your gift and the “Thank you very much!


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