Chemistry gifts - The best gifts for chemists!

Oh dear, another festive occasion for which you need to get a gift. Now you have to find something suitable for a chemist, of all people. Oh great. This could be more difficult than learning the periodic table by heart. But what sounds like an impossible task is actually quite simple. You just have to know what you’re looking for. In this article you will find the best chemistry gifts & gifts for chemistry geeks!


Useful chemistry gifts

Useful gifts that can be put to good use in everyday work as a chemist are particularly popular. Things that are always needed in the lab include test tubes, pipettes, petri dishes, goggles, chemicals, microscopes, work coats, etc.


Original chemistry gifts

Do you want the chemist to react with joy (careful: pun!) when you give him a gift? Then you have to be careful to find a gift that he doesn’t get to see every day. How about: small chemistry vials in vintage style (like in old pharmacies); a bow tie or tie with chemical elements; jewelry (earrings, necklaces, cufflinks, watches, rings) that has a certain structural formula on it, etc.


T-shirts for chemists

Who says that a real chemist always walks around in a white coat? Maybe in the lab – but in everyday life this doesn’t have to be the case. Accordingly, you can also give a passionate scientist other items of clothing. After all, there are plenty of T-shirts in a wide variety of colors and with funny chemist prints.


Chemistry gifts - Everything you should know!

Chemistry is literally a science in itself. But you don’t necessarily have to understand it – after all, even if you don’t know anything about this exciting subject, you can still find the right gift for a lab rat.

  • As a rule, the Internet and various stores offer you exactly what a chemist wants: You just have to decide on something.
  • You do not feel like 0815-moderate? Don’t worry. Many manufacturers also sell really useful, original and personalized gifts that are sure to please your favorite person. 
  • Before you start experimenting in your search for the best gift ever, always ask yourself first: “What person am I giving as a gift? What occasion is it? How much money can or should the gift cost? What does the chemist like? What does he need?” 
  • Are you short of ideas?  Maybe friends, acquaintances, relatives or even colleagues of the chemist in question can help you out. Don’t hesitate to ask them for advice! 
  • Don’t buy stuff that is unnecessary and worth nothing. Rather spend your money on something of high quality!

1 How to find the right gifts for chemistry nerds

Whew. Where do you get nice gifts for chemists? If you’ve just asked yourself that very question and are already despairing, then I can put your mind at ease. The answer is: almost everywhere. The range of products is really huge. So there is no need to resort to vouchers or cash gifts. After all, that’s nothing personal! But the more choice you have, the harder the decision. Without a plan and (period) system, it’s likely to get cumbersome. To help you with your search, we’ll give you a few points of reference:

1.1 Person and age

Is the person to be given a gift a chemist or a chemist? What is the age of the person? These two factors must be taken into account when you are looking for a gift. After all, not everyone likes the same thing.

1.2 Budget

The price of the gift logically plays a central role when it comes to buying. After all, you need to know how much money you can and want to spend. It makes sense to adjust the value to the importance of the occasion and that of the person to be gifted. You want to save? Then it is helpful to make price comparisons in advance or to actively search for discount promotions. Remember, though: playing cheapskate is not necessarily the best way to go about it.

1.3 Needs

Is there anything that your favorite chemist really likes? Is he a fan of XYZ? Does he need certain things that are not yet in his possession? Wouldn’t be bad to find out just that. After all, knowing the preferences of the person you’re gifting is worth its weight in gold when it comes to picking out gifts for them.


2 The best gift ideas for chemists!

Good to know: Of the chemical elements, there are only 118 in total, but this information won’t do you any good, because there are certainly more suitable gift ideas for chemists.

2.1 Chemistry in the kitchen

Chemistry experiments in the lab are almost like cooking at home. The only difference is that in the latter, you can lick the spoon without hesitation. So dangerous or toxic chemicals have no place in your own kitchen.  But you can get something useful that relates to chemistry. Cool gift ideas for a chemist are, for example, a small spice rack with test tubes; a tea towel with the periodic table printed on it; decorative storage containers for salt, sugar or flour with their chemical formulas printed on them; a water carafe with the inscription “dihydrogen monoxide” (= chemical name for water). There are also measuring containers that are intended for the kitchen, but look similar to those intended for the laboratory. By the way, the test tube cookie cutters look very original – they would be the hit par excellence for Christmas. Personalized cutting boards or cooking aprons (e.g. with periodic table and name) are also welcome gifts.

2.2 Chemistry in the bathroom

No. By bathroom chemistry, of course, we don’t mean aggressive chlorine cleaners or the like. We are talking about gifts that look good. A shower curtain with the periodic table printed on it would be a real eye-catcher, wouldn’t it? A matching bath towel with the structural formula of water as the motif. The ladies will probably also be happy about chemical-free natural cosmetics.

2.3 Alcohol for chemists

If you think that alcohol is not a solution, you obviously didn’t pay attention in chemistry class. Ethanol – sounds really chemical. Logically, however, a chemist should keep his hands off alcoholic substances from the laboratory. So it would be better if you gave him a few fine wines to enjoy after a long day’s work in the lab. You can find some at the vintner, brewery or distillery of your choice. Please don’t buy cheap hooch! You can also give away beer mugs or wine glasses with chemical engravings to match the alcohol. The hit at every party: colorful shot glasses in the shape of test tubes.

2.4 Tasty treats for lab rats

If you think a lot, you not only have to feed your body, but also your brain. Therefore, a scientist is sure to be happy about various treats. These include: Chocolate chocolates, gummy bears, cookies, muffins, cakes, donuts, trail mixes and the like. It is important that these foods are not just any products from the normal supermarket. For example, look for something of high quality in a good pastry shop or confectionery. Maybe you can have some of your own creations with chemist motifs made there on request.

2.5 Gadgets for chemists

A cell phone case, a notepad or a non-slip mouse pad are surely still missing in the collection of your favorite chemist. Or how about a personalized keychain? If the person receiving the gift often suffers from cold hands in winter, a poison green hand warmer with the element symbol of plutonium would also be the ideal solution. 

2.6 Chemical decoration

Whether wall clocks, bed linens, upholstery covers or pictures to hang – you can find chemistry-themed decorations in many stores. On the wall, for example, a wooden shelf with the chemical structural formula of serotonin (= happiness hormone), caffeine or chocolate would look really good. Also, flower vases in test tube design probably not everyone has at home. If you want to spruce up the chemist’s fridge a bit, why not gift him or her with cool fridge magnets?


3 How much should chemistry gifts cost?

Special occasions are, for example, Christmas or (round) birthday parties. Here you can spend a little more money for the respective gift. However, the gift for the chemist does not have to cost immeasurable if it is only intended as a small gift.


4 The chemist gift should come from the heart!

No matter how cheap or expensive the present is in the end… it should be a hit.  Giver and recipient – both are happy when the surprise is successful. Shared joy is double joy, isn’t it? That’s why you have to take extra care and also make sure that your gift comes from the heart.


5 Conclusion

Hopefully, when you’re looking for a gift for the chemist, you’re like a proton, that is, always full of positively charged energy. If you’re in a good mood, shopping will be a lot easier. If you also follow our buying tips, nothing should go wrong with your selection. So occasion XY can come – you are equipped with all (solution) means!


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