The best gifts for programmers!

There are exactly two types of people. Those who understand binary numbers and those who don’t. If you belong to the latter and are looking for a suitable gift for programmers, then you’ve come to the right place! On this page we present you with what we think are the best, funniest and most useful gifts for programmers!


Programmers Gadgets

Technical gadgets are probably one of those gifts that programmers can never have enough of. They provide variety and make the otherwise rather monotonous workday a little more colorful. A selection of – in our opinion – the best gadgets for programmers can be found below:


Programmer Mugs

The programmer’s best friend? In most cases, coffee. If the programmer you want to give as a gift is also a little coffee junkie, then a cool coffee mug with a suitable saying is ideal as a gift. A selection of – in our opinion – the funniest coffee mugs for programmers can be found below:


Clothing for programmers

When looking for gift ideas for programmers, you can’t avoid cool t-shirts or hoodies. Many programmers love their job and like to wear that outwardly. With a casual t-shirt or hoodie – with a cool saying on it – you’re guaranteed not to make a mistake when choosing the ideal gift. A selection of – in our opinion – the best clothing gifts for programmers can be found below:


Gifts for programmers - Everything you should know!

Most programmers aren’t exactly communicative, which also makes finding the perfect gift anything but easy. But don’t worry! At 365 Presents, our goal is to find the perfect gift for everyone, and we won’t let you down either! With our help and the tips mentioned here, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect gift for programmers!

  • When looking for special gifts for programmers, you quickly reach your limits in local stores. Usually the assortment is very limited and in many cases you fall back on an unimaginative gift that doesn’t exactly convince. For this reason, it is advisable to look around on the Internet and order the gift online.
  • To find the perfect programmer gift, you should think about it in advance. For example, the age of the recipient, the occasion, but also your budget plays an important role in narrowing down the variety of gift options. This procedure will save you a lot of time and nerves when looking for a gift.
  • Whether fun, useful or creative, there are plenty of gift options and gifts to choose from. Below, we’ll tell you how to find the perfect gift for programmers and also give you some cool gift ideas along the way.

1 How to find the right gift for programmers

The search for the perfect gift can often be anything but easy and become a real challenge. The multitude of gift possibilities in this day and age don’t exactly make things easier. For this reason, it is often useful to put some thought into it in advance. The following points will help you find the perfect gift for programmers:

1.1 Budget

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself before searching for the ideal programmer gift has to do with money, as so often in life. It is important and helpful if you consider in advance how much you want to spend on the present. This way you can already exclude a large number of gifts, which makes the search much easier. Most online stores offer you the possibility to filter their products by price. By using this practical function, you can fully concentrate on the products and the probability of finding a perfect gift increases enormously.

1.2 Occasion

Another important point to consider when looking for the perfect gift for programmers is the occasion. The reasons why you should give a programmer a gift are usually different and will help you narrow down the variety of options once again. Do you just want to thank a programmer friend for helping you with a computer problem or is he/she celebrating a wedding?

1.3 Age

Also not to be neglected is the age of the person you want to give a gift to. Of course, it makes a difference if you are looking for a gift for a teenager or an adult. Depending on the age of the person you want to give a gift, you also have different gift options. You can find different gift ideas for each age group in Section 2, “The Best Gift Ideas for Programmers.

1.4 Person

Last but not least, it is also helpful to analyze or know the person you are giving the gift to. Like almost every other person, programmers usually have other hobbies, preferences or wishes. You can use this knowledge to choose the perfect gift. If you’re not sure what the person is into, it’s also a good idea to ask someone close to him or her for help.


2 The best gift ideas for programmers

2.1 Funny gift ideas for programmers

Funny gifts are always well received and are guaranteed to make you grin widely when you receive them. The market offers a variety of funny programmers gifts you can obtain. Especially popular are mugs or t-shirts with a funny saying. But also other funny gifts such as a drinking game or a door sign are always well received.

2.2 Gadgets for programmers

Another cool gift idea for programmers are IT gadgets. These are small useful or practical tools that make the everyday life of every programmer a bit more beautiful. We have already presented a selection of the best gadgets for programmers in the section “Programmer Gadgets”.

2.3 Gift ideas for connoisseurs

Anyone who thinks that programmers mainly eat fast food and drink Coke is very much mistaken. Programmers also take time for themselves every now and then and end the exhausting working day with a noble drop. Thus, high-quality and exclusive alcoholic beverages or special chocolates / chocolates are ideal gift ideas for programmers. But beware! If you know that your programmer friend is neither a connoisseur nor a chocolate lover, you should look for another gift.

2.4 Personalized gifts

Last but not least, personal gifts must not be missing from our gift ideas for programmers. After all, it’s usually the personal things in life that touch and inspire you. The market now offers a huge selection of personalizable items, which is ideal to take advantage of when looking for gifts. We have already presented you a selection of the best gifts to personalize in the section “Personalized gifts for programmers”.


3 The gift should come from the heart!

In the end, it’s not so much which gift you give, but that it comes from the heart. Basically, it is never a mistake to think too much when it comes to finding the perfect gift. However, you shouldn’t worry too much about it. As long as you follow our tips and listen to your feelings when choosing a gift, nothing can go wrong.   


4 How much should gifts for programmers cost?

How much the gift for programmers should cost usually depends on the gift occasion. If you only want to give a small thank you, then logically you don’t have to dig deep into your pocket. The situation is different if the programmer you want to give a gift to is celebrating a special occasion such as a milestone birthday or a wedding. In this case, the gift may cost a little more.


5 Conclusion

Finding the perfect gift for a programmer is usually anything but easy. 

On this page we have presented you – in our opinion – the best gifts for programmers and given you many useful tips for choosing a gift. We are convinced that with this knowledge you will put a smile on the face of your programmer friend. If you put enough thought into your gift and it comes from the heart, nothing can go wrong. In this sense, we wish you a lot of fun with the gift search and delivery.


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