The best gifts for lawyers & law students!

Wanted: gift seekers on probation! There are many occasions to give a gift to an already working or aspiring lawyer: Commencement, successful completion of the first state bar exam, graduation, promotions, appointment as a judge, birthdays, or Christmas parties. If you are looking for the right present for a lawyer, don’t make a mistake. You don’t want to get a bad reputation because of a bad choice of a present. So that this does not happen, we support you and show you in this article the best gifts for lawyers & law students.


Professional Gifts for Lawyers & Law Students

There are some items that should not be missing in the office of a lawyer or in the room of a law student. Useful gifts such as a tote bag, a matching book cover, or a grip register are welcome gifts among law students.


Graduation gifts for lawyers

Hooray. When graduation finally comes around, there’s a big reason to celebrate. All that’s missing is the right graduation gift. For example, how about a high-quality briefcase, a beautiful leather desk set or a handmade fountain pen?


T-shirts for lawyers & law students

For a law student who only shows up at the office in chic dress, but otherwise dresses casually, you can send a statement shirt. Many models have funny lawyer sayings or motifs printed on them. With some manufacturers, you can also have the T-shirts personalized.


Mugs / Glasses for Lawyers & Law Students

In order to avoid falling over dehydrated while working, a lawyer needs to pay attention to their fluid balance. If you want to stay focused, you need coffee or tea. How fortunate that there are statement mugs to give away.  If the lawyer prefers other beverages, then you should gift him with an exceptionally designed glass including engraving.


Gifts for lawyers / law students - Everything you should know!

Have you ever sat at a table with a lawyer, a notary, and a judge? Then you probably know what legalese is and that law students are a people unto themselves. Thank goodness you don’t have to understand their views to locate a gift for a lawyer or law student.

  • It’s a good thing that the vast expanses of the Internet and the assortment in brick-and-mortar stores won’t let you down: search here for the right gift! 
  • Being 0815 is forbidden by law! So make an effort and cleverly choose a useful, unusual and tailor-made gift for your favorite lawyer! 
  • With a checklist in mind, your gift search will be easier. Go through the following questions one by one: “What kind of lawyer am I gifting? On what occasion will he receive the present? What does my budget say? Does the lawyer have a soft spot for something in particular? Does he currently need something special?” 
  • Your head is full of empty thoughts? Then call a council meeting! Ask friends, acquaintances, relatives or colleagues from law school or the office what you could give away. 
  • Useless trinkets have no place at the party. Pay attention to the quality of your gift!

1 How to find the right gift for lawyers

Do you have to be a law student to know which gifts would be suitable for a lawyer or law student? No. You don’t have to read through a law book or memorize tons of paragraphs. The only thing you have to do to make your search for the perfect gift easier is to take the following advice to heart.

1.1 Person and age

Has the person you are giving the gift been in the legal profession for a long time, or is he or she still stuck in law school? Is he or she a paragraphist or a shyster? You definitely need to consider both aspects. After all, tastes sometimes differ widely when it comes to gifts.

1.2 Budget

When buying, you must always keep an eye on the price tag of the gift. From cheap to expensive, there is almost everything. Check your actual financial situation in advance and then think about how much you want to spend. Then look for your gift in the right price range. It’s easy to do on the Internet.

1.3 Preferences

Your favorite lawyer probably has other hobbies than playing judge or lawyer. It wouldn’t be bad to know what activities the person you’re giving the gift to likes to do in his free time. Perhaps he likes a certain sport? Perhaps he likes cooking or reading? If you don’t know the individual preferences, ask people who know more about the lawyer than you do.


2 The best gift ideas for lawyers!

2.1 Office stuff

A mahogany desk as a gift, would certainly fit well in the office. Unfortunately, this furniture is not only very expensive – it is also likely to be cumbersome to transport. But what you can give the lawyer for his office are useful utensils like a paperweight, a desk organizer, a leather notebook, a lawyer’s screw man or the statue of the Greek goddess Themis to stand on. Believe me, anyone who gets one of these as a gift will attract envious glances.

2.2 Cook laws

Lawyers who not only like to be in court but also in their own kitchen can be gifted with something suitable for this purpose. Cookie cutters in the shape of a paragraph are popular, for example – perfect for the Advent season. Cooking aprons with a lawyer’s saying are also perfect when the barbecue season begins. In order for the lawyer to refine his dishes, he needs an exclusive spice set. If he is not yet a chef, “The Great Cookbook: A Menu for Lawyers and Responsible Citizens” could help him become one.

2.3 Food and drink for lawyers

After a long day at work, even lawyers like to indulge in a treat or two. What goes better together than an exquisite selection of melt-in-the-mouth chocolate pralines and an exquisite wine in white or red? If you want to buy both, then go to a good confectionery or a winery – there you will be advised by specialists and will certainly find what you are looking for. You can also please a rum or whiskey lover by giving them a rare variety. Theoretically, you could also bring a cake, muffins, donuts or cookies to the party. Do you like the idea? Then go to your favorite pastry shop. There you can have a personalized baked good made in legal style.

2.4 Lawyer gadgets

Your favorite lawyer likes gadgets and is very modern? Then equip his smartphone or tablet with a Popsocket with a lawyer’s slogan on it. Or: How about a candy machine or a comfortable seat cushion for the office? For hot summer days, a mini fan that can be connected to the laptop via USB would be suitable. In addition, a chic key fob would look great not only on the car or house key, but also on the key to the law office.

2.5 Decoration for lawyers

Even a lawyer attaches importance to decorating his home or office. Support him in this by giving him a gift of home furnishings. For example, canvas art depicting the Greek goddess Themis or onyx scales are perfect. Other gift ideas would be the justice scale to put on the table or a paragraph sign carved in stone. By the way, the ladies also like flowers, cacti or green plants – logically in a chic flower pot.

2.6 Legal reading

If the legal scholar you are giving the gift to is tired of reading only law texts, you might want to give him some other reading material. After all, the big world of books offers you a wide variety of options. If you know which genre you like, you will logically find it easier to make your choice. What would you like? Novel? Crime novel? Fantasy? Horror? Love story?

2.7 Accessories for lawyers

The classic lawyer usually wears a suit. Here, of course, tie and cufflinks may not be missing. You can buy both as personalized variants. Lawyers also like to tie fancy silk scarves around their necks. If you know what color the person likes, you have good cards.


3 The best gift ideas for law students!

3.1 Snacks for law school

Being a law student is exhausting. If you want to sweeten the life at the university, you should give something tasty as a gift. How about a fine trail mix? If the cafeteria food is not to your liking, then give the prospective lawyer a student cookbook and a matching lunch box. That way, he’ll be well-equipped in terms of food.

3.2 Useful items for university

With a chic notebook, a new personalized pen and funny paper clips, life at the university is much better. A useful gift would also be a high-quality bag to stow away the thick law book.

3.3 Fun games

When law students sit down at a table, they could have a lot of fun with the card game “Short Trial”, the communication game “Anno Domini – In the Name of the Law” or the board game “Jail Land River”.

3.4 Everything for the party

Once the exam phase is over, law students are no longer learning the law, but partying. After all, that’s part of student life. If the person you are giving the gift to is a party animal, then why not give them gifts in the form of alcohol, shot glasses, beer glasses, whisky glasses or wine glasses to mark the passing of their exams. Matching glass straws with cool sayings are available. The hit at every party: beer pong as a game.


4 How much should gifts for lawyers cost?

The occasion is the factor by which you should measure the price of the gift. The more special the festivity, the more expensive the whole thing can be. So dig a little deeper into your pocket when it comes to Christmas, birthdays or graduations. Small gifts, which you give away according to the motto “just because I like you”, can logically be cheaper.


5 The lawyer gift should come from the heart!

If you don’t want to sit in the dock and be accused by the presentee of “not having given any thought” to the selection of the gift in question, then don’t just use your head in your search, but above all your heart. Anything that comes from deep within is worth a lot.


6 Conclusion

If you’ve just memorized our little law text here, then finding the perfect gift for law students & lawyers shouldn’t be a problem for you anymore. If you don’t get arrested in your search for the best gift for a law student, then hurry off to the celebratory occasion. This time it won’t be “Objection Your Honor!” but “Enjoy your gift Your Honor!”


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