The best gifts for climbers!

All the muscles of the body are tense. In order to make progress, every grip and step must be well thought out and fit. Anyone who is an enthusiastic climber or has already tried this sport once or twice knows exactly what I am talking about. But what is even more exhausting and nerve-racking than climbing itself? That’s right: as a non-climber, desperately searching for the right gift for a mountain lover or bouldering fan. The market offers you all kinds of gifts – but if you have lost the overview, it will be a tiresome task for you to find the perfect gift for a passionate climber. In this article we present the best gifts for climbers – have fun!


Fun gifts for rock climbers

Summit strikers are humorous people and are up for any kind of fun. So why not give them something original and fun? For example, a mountain friend would love a personalised hip flask; socks with funny motifs; a cool carabiner key ring or a climbing sticker for the car.


More rock climbing gift ideas

Of course, that’s not all. All it takes is a bit of rattling around in your head and you’re bound to come up with a few more gift ideas. The internet with social media is the best place for such ideas.


Gifts for climbers - Everything you should know!

If you lack the necessary interest in the sport of climbing, but are now forced to deal with this topic in the course of your gift search, you must not lose your nerve. On the one hand, it’s good that there are numerous products that could be considered as potential gifts. On the other hand, a huge assortment makes your choice difficult. But we won’t let you down and tell you what you need to look out for in order to find the perfect gift for climbers.

  • If you want to give a climbing fan a present, you can find the appropriate souvenirs online or in stationary trade, i.e. in sports shops.
  • Often you will be offered the opportunity to personalise your gift. But it depends on what you are looking for and, above all, where you are looking. Especially on the internet, customisation is usually possible.
  • You can also get inspiration for your gift from some social platforms. There are many climbing profiles or groups on Instagram and Facebook where you can steal ideas.
  • If you are completely at a loss as to what to bring with you, don’t be afraid to ask people close to you who are climbing enthusiasts. I’m sure they’ll be happy to give you some useful tips.
  • To make sure you don’t make a mistake when buying a gift for climbers, you need to think about how much the whole thing should / may actually cost; for which age group; for which occasion and for which individual type of climber it should be suitable.
  • With a little intuition, you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. After all, retail offers you a wide range of gift options: something sweet, liquid, useful, original, funny, decorative – you can buy anything your heart desires.

1 How to find the right gift for rock climbers

You will realise how overcrowded the market is with various gifts for mountaineers as soon as you take a closer look and want to buy one.  Since your patience in the search for a gift is certainly not as robust as a climbing rope, it could snap – if you don’t find one quickly. Logically, this should not happen – so we will now give you some valuable and well-intentioned advice that will help you with your purchase decision:

1.1 Budget

It is not wrong to first and foremost have clear price ideas in your mind. Before you start your search, ask yourself what the minimum or maximum cost of the gift should be for the climber. Otherwise you will have a hard time. If you are afraid of the price of the gift, it would be advisable to compare prices on the internet or in various sports catalogues. Or you can hope for discount campaigns and special price days in the near future, during which you can get your money’s worth and invest a little less.

1.2 Extreme or hobby climber

Then you need to know how seriously person XY takes climbing, how much skill they already have and how often they practice the sport. So the question is: “Is this person an extreme sportsman who spends every free minute on his favourite activity, or is he just a hobby climber who enjoys the peace and quiet on the mountain at the weekend? If you can answer this question, your gift search will be much easier. After all, there are big differences between adrenaline junkies and leisurely climbers when it comes to choosing the right equipment.

1.3 Age

Climbing is a sport for everyone – both for the young and the older generation. However, when choosing your gift, you need to take into account the age of the person for whom it is intended. For example, a child who likes to play climbing monkey from time to time could be given a high ropes course starter pack to take home. A long-established climber is less likely to be able to do this. A gift in the form of an interesting climbing book is definitely better for them.


2 The best gift ideas for climbers!

Delicious energy-giving gifts:
Climbing is energy draining. If you want to give a sweet energy boost with your gift, go for chocolate, wine gums, dextrose or muesli or protein bars. Savoury items such as dried meat, i.e. nibbled sausages, bacon or salami, are also ideal as gifts. Climbers can easily take such tasty snacks with them on the trip and eat them while resting along the way. This way, the person does not have to worry about starving in the wild, in the climbing hall or park.

Thirst quencher gifts:
Drinking is also important during sports – if you sweat a lot, you have to keep an eye on your fluid balance. If you want your drink to stay cool or pleasantly hot all day, you should get a thermos bottle. Every climber’s backpack should normally contain one.

Mountaineering equipment
Person XY loves climbing, but hasn’t been doing it for long and therefore doesn’t have any equipment of his own? Perfect for you as a gift giver: climbing rope, helmet, harness, shoes, clothing or backpack would be the ideal gift ideas. But what counts here is the quality!

Adventure Gifts
If you want to overwhelm your loved one, you could also give them a climbing trip or mountaineering short break (perhaps even with you). Unfortunately, this is not exactly an inexpensive gift.

Survival gifts:
If you’re not a fan of climbing gyms and high ropes courses and prefer to hang out in the rugged mountains, you naturally need to be well prepared for any situation. Great gifts for such survivalists are, for example: thermal bottles and lunch boxes; a Leatherman; a new backpack that fits a lot of odds and ends; a tent and sleeping bag for longer tours; an inflatable seat cushion, etc.

A real climber is never without his magnesium bag or his bouldering or chalk bag. Inside these little bags is magnesium carbonate. This helps against damp and sweaty hands and provides a firm grip on the rock. If you are creative and skilled with textiles, you could easily make such a chalk bag yourself. Another option would be to make a nice keychain. With beautiful stones, leather straps, acrylic paints and beads, you can create quite a few things. Oh yes, while we’re on the subject of DIY: If you like, you can also bake something delicious and decorate your work with motifs that have a connection to mountain sports.


3 How much should gifts for climbers cost?

Of course, you don’t have to sacrifice your entire savings if you want to buy a gift for a climber. However, more expensive and especially high-quality gifts are a sign of appreciation. So for a very special occasion, don’t splash out. It looks a little different, however, if the whole thing is meant as a nice gesture. You don’t have to pull out your wallet for a small thank-you gift.


4 The rock climber gift should come from the heart!

Buying any gift is easy, convenient and damn quick. But how well the gift will be received by the climber you give it to is another question. To make sure that they are happy and say “Thank you very much”, you should definitely let your mind wander. After all, you don’t want to wander around looking for a gift without a plan and end up with some 0815 junk. Especially if it’s a very important occasion and the gift is intended for someone close to you, you have to make an effort. Special and individualised products that not everyone has are an excellent gift. Especially homemade products have a high value because they are not simply bought, but made with love and therefore really come from the heart.


5 Conclusion

Your will can move mountains – also when looking for the right climbing gift. As soon as you have successfully returned from your hunt, your anticipation will be burning under your fingernails. After all, you’re sure to have found something online or in a sports shop to surprise your mountain friend and make him or her happy. If you have also taken the climbing rope into your own hands, i.e. upgraded your present with something you have painted, built, crafted or baked yourself, the recipient will be doubly pleased. You are already thinking about the sparkle in the eyes of your counterpart when they receive their gift from you.


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