Army gifts ⇒ The best gifts for soldiers!

“Pay attention!” – that’s a command someone in the military probably hears every day. Serving in the federal government is not always a bed of roses. But that’s all the more reason for a soldier to let it rip when he throws a party. If you’re going to be his guest on a special occasion, it’s only logical that you should also bring him something: a gift that’s on a par with his. So that you don’t throw in the towel in your search, we have done a little research and present you with the best gifts for soldiers in this article – have fun!


Personal army gifts

A visual eye-catcher on any military backpack is a beautiful keychain. If this should have a personal reference, you must inquire with the manufacturer whether an individualization is possible. Normally, however, there are many models that can be engraved. 


Funny gifts for soldiers

While on duty, you have to remain serious. That’s why soldiers laugh all the more in their free time. A statement T-shirt with something funny printed on it will create a bombshell mood. A little childish, but still funny, would also be a small toy soldier. Or: an egg cup in the shape of a tank.


Gifts for soldiers - Everything you should know!

If you want to track down a gift for a soldier, you’re going to have to bring out the heavy guns. After all, most military personnel don’t reveal much about themselves. Even if you don’t have access to your favorite person’s head, we can still give you sensible advice.

  • Stand still in front of the shelves in the local store and look closely! After all, you can’t miss a gift. On the Internet, the offer is even greater, but you are faster with the back and forth clicking. 
  • A soldier can do little with something that he sees as unnecessary ballast. Therefore, buy only things that are of high quality and have a use.
  • If you are looking for a gift, of course you need to know on what date you will give it. Also, you should think about how much it may cost. Some personal things about the soldier you must also clarify in advance: Age, preferences, wishes.

  • Yes, you can ask your comrades for help if you get stuck. Maybe they will give you some secret information that could be useful for your gift search.

1 How to find the right army gift

What could a soldier possibly like? The question of all questions. It might not be that easy to find the right answer. After all, you wouldn’t have come to us, 365 Presents. But don’t worry, the following tips will help you find the perfect gift for a soldier:

1.1 Budget

You logically need to think about the price of the soldier gift. A quick check of your wallet is very useful here. Then you know whether you should choose an expensive or a rather inexpensive present. By the way, price comparisons on the Internet can help you. So you can quickly and easily filter out those gifts that fall into the desired price category. You can also often find one or the other offer in magazines.

1.2 Age

How old is your favorite soldier? Still a recruit, already a private, a colonel, a lieutenant or an even higher rank? The older he is, the higher up the military servant will probably be. You should always know the age of the person you are giving the gift to. Then it will be easier for you to find the right gift for this person.

1.3 Interests

What activities does the soldier pursue in his spare time? Does he have certain hobbies or is he particularly interested in something? Maybe he likes to cook and barbecue? Or, he loves to go to the sauna? Maybe he is interested in model airplanes? No matter what your favorite person likes – give him something he likes.


2 The best gift ideas for soldiers

Liquid food
After hours, an after-work beer, wine or liquor is allowed. If the soldier is a pleasure-seeker, feel free to give him something alcoholic. Whiskey, for example, is available in cool bottles. Real eye-catchers are those in the shape of rifles or grenades. Matching shot glasses with a bullet in them are also available. 

If the soldier is not needed at the moment, he has time to occupy himself elsewhere. If your favorite person loves to read, the right book is the perfect gift. It would only be good if you know what genre the soldier likes. In a pinch, just get him readings that have something to do with his job. A few examples: “Hunters: My Wartime Missions as an Elite Soldier.” or “Four Days in November: My Combat Mission in Afghanistan” or “The Forgotten Soldier.”

Food basket
Unfortunately, the canteen food in the military is not to everyone’s taste. Often it is also too little. If your favorite soldier ever leaves the table hungry, you have to make sure he doesn’t fall off the wagon. Give the soldier a food basket in which you pack everything he likes: Wine gums, chocolate, snacks, nuts, dried fruit, cereal and protein bars, canned meals and dried meat.

Stuffed animal
Sounds childish, but stuffed animals are loyal companions on overseas missions. They’re cute, fluffy and good luck charms. Choose an animal that you would like to give as a gift. Whether it’s a cat, a dog, a dolphin, a teddy bear or an elephant – whenever your favorite soldier cuddles with his new stuffed animal, he will think of you.

Photo album
Actually very old-fashioned, but still photo albums are really great gifts for soldiers. After all, they love to look at pictures of their loved ones when they already don’t get to see them live. Why don’t you choose a suitable album, paste some nice photos into it and write a little message under each of them. 

Farewell gifts
All goodbyes are hard. But when a soldier is needed in another country, you will have to let him go with his troop. But apart from a few kind words, you can give him a fond farewell gift to take with him on his way.

Survival kit
Real soldiers are little McGyvers. They can always find their way around in the wild. Nevertheless, they will be very happy if you give them some helpful things: a survival kit with everything they need to survive; a survival bracelet with an integrated compass, so they don’t get lost; or a fire steel, in case the lighter gives up the ghost.

Video / computer games
Yes, even soldiers like to play games in their spare time. But not children’s games, but shooter games. No matter if for console or PC – war games are really many. Here are a few examples: Call of Duty, Battlefield, Far Cry, World of Tanks or Elite Sniper. 

Hot gifts
No, you’re not supposed to give chilies as a gift, of course. By a sharp gift, you mean a knife. Many soldiers have a weakness for beautiful cutting tools. The trade offers you not only very high-quality, but sometimes also very fancy models. What you should choose here? It always depends on the field of application. For the kitchen the soldier needs a different knife than for the wilderness. 

You can’t wrap a real weapon in wrapping paper. But what you can give your favorite soldier is an air gun. Matching targets and objects are also available. This way, the military serviceman can also pull his trigger finger at home and improve his aiming accuracy. 

Military gadgets
A modern soldier would never say “No!” to a cool gadget gift. Why would he? After all, solar-powered radios and powerbanks are ideal companions on the go. A portable water filter that can be conveniently stowed in your backpack also makes sense when you’re roaming the wild. A multi-function pen and a Leatherman should also always be carried in your uniform.

For retirement
After long years of service, it’s time for even a veteran soldier to step down and retire at some point. But so that the veteran doesn’t get bored, you should give him something to do. This is where an adult kit would come in handy. Decide if you’d rather buy him an airplane, a tank, a ship, a train, or a car.


3 The gift should come from the heart!

A gift for a soldier can cost a lot of money – if it doesn’t come from the heart, it’s worth nothing. That’s why when you give a gift, you must always make sure to keep it very personal. Very ordinary things have nothing to do with appreciation. The best gifts are those that are well thought out, individual and of high quality.


4 How much should gifts for soldiers cost?

Every gift has its price. Sometimes this can be higher, sometimes lower. However, if there is something big and special to celebrate, you should adjust the value of the gift to it. So you can dig a little deeper into your wallet and invest more in the gift for the soldier. However, if it’s just to say “I love you!” or “Thank you so much!” to a loved one, small and less expensive gestures are perfectly fine.


5 Conclusion

Thanks to our tips, your crusade through all the stores will be over as quickly as a blitzkrieg. If you fought to the bitter end in your gift search, you can’t blame yourself. All the more you can celebrate your victory with the best gift in the world in your hands. Not only your joy, but also that of your favorite soldier will be great.


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